5 Benefits of Bitcoin Over Other Crypto Currencies


There is still no single authority regulating this digital currency. That ensures that bit coin’s processes are affected by buyers and sellers. It is not feasible for service providers to deceive it. Banks or corporations can’t simply increase or depreciate it like they do with ordinary currencies. Because there is no state influencing a Bitcoin trader, investors are not worried that the currency could be debased to the advantage of the shareholder. At any given time, only 21 million bit coins will ever be available. Bit coins are not likely to collapse. For example, if China’s or America’s markets exploded today, the Yen and the US dollar will suffer immensely because it is a virtual currency default worldwide; geo-politics have no impact on this currency.

Privacy Protection

Bit coin transactions do not reveal the transacting parties ‘ identities. The transactions, however, are very straightforward because they are registered by the public ledger and offer the transactions visibility. The ledger provides information about how the identifiable bitcoins are exchanged through wallet addresses only.

With no personal identity details, many people would prefer to track an individual using this digital currency. Although some critics say it encourages illegal transactions, at the other side, followers respect this protection. Paying interest using conventional methods such as banks involves you to provide some of your personal information bypassing Bit coins.

Freedom of Transaction

No intermediary controls how a person uses his or her bitcoins. Depending on sums or geographic regions, ordinary transactions also have expenditure limits. Modern currencies, such as PayPal or banks, can be frozen. Certain organizations that restrict payments they feel are not in their favour

Bitcoins aren’t the situation. Bitcoins enable users to total freedom without any constraints to buy or sell everything they want. You can still receive funds using bitcoins, whether your business is morally right or wrong.

Services to Use

It’s very simple to use digital currencies. Modern currencies also face difficulties such as late payments and bank inaccessibility. To open an account, you have to physically go to a bank. This simplifies the whole payment process. Throughout the safety of your house seat, you can receive or send payments from your mobile phone or computer. Downloading a digital currency wallet is free versus bank accounts that need money to open. You will not have to fill out any forms or spend queuing time.

Quick Transactions

It often takes a long time for typical transactions. It may actually take several days to send money from one continent to another. On the other side, bit coin transfers just take a few minutes. A person in Japan will receive bit coins from a person in Brazil within a couple of minutes by simply clicking the send button.

Banks typically have operating hours and are closed during the night, vacations and weekends. You can transact with bit coins any time, any day, with a computer or a mobile and internet connection.