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5 Advantages of a Meeting Room Booking Solution

How much time have you or your employees spent booking meetings, gathering people, and sharing details, only to walk into the meeting room to find it already occupied? These meeting room booking challenges waste your time and money – unproductive meetings cost you about $37 billion, to be precise.

Now, this is in no way a recent problem. Cluttered meeting room bookings have long plagued companies. Here are the most common room booking issues-

  • Multiple bookings for the same room
  • Ghost bookings
  • Extended booking hours due to late meetings
  • Using meeting rooms without booking
  • Double-bookings

Fortunately, a meeting room booking solution can help companies overcome these issues. It streamlines the room booking process, collects valuable user data, and automatically books spaces based on availability and cancellations.

Here are five benefits of using a meeting room booking solution at your office.

  1. Simplifies the Booking Process

Consider the time employees spend matching schedules, seeking manager approvals, and setting up the space. Then, the time wanted on meeting room bookings starts to make sense. In fact, a Hubspot report also reveals that employees spend up to 30 minutes daily looking for a meeting room. 

But meeting room booking doesn’t have to be this tough. With a meeting room manager, employees can easily find and book a meeting space without going through many stages of approval. Plus, it allows multiple ways to book rooms, from web-based booking and mobile apps to wall-mounted display panel systems.

A centralized meeting room booking solution lets employees book the meeting room of their choice without waiting for approval, thus simplifying the process.

  1. Ensure Effective Space Management

Wastage of office space is a serious concern many companies are facing today. While the demand for meeting rooms has risen, the truth is, people rarely use them to their full capacity. This not only kills productivity but also leads to wasteful expenses and resources.

With a meeting room booking solution, facility managers can view the room usage trends and act accordingly, thanks to the real-time data. A meeting room booking solution also keeps track of things like-

  • Which meeting rooms are always in demand?
  • Are these meeting rooms overused or underused?
  • Are employees following sanitation protocols?

Suppose a facility manager identifies employees booking entire meeting rooms for 2-3 attendees. In that case, they can create open spaces for collaboration or hot desks. This way, they can free up these big meeting rooms for larger teams who need them.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Conflicts

No more double booking and conflicts over meeting room bookings. A meeting room booking solution allows employees to find and book meeting rooms on a first-come-first-serve basis and automatically prevents users from reserving booked rooms.

Employees have a real-time view of the available spaces. So, they can book a preferred room depending upon the number of attendees, amenities needed, duration of the meeting, etc. 

Meeting room booking solutions minimize booking conflicts and increase company efficiency by reducing the time spent looking for a space and promoting communication.

  1. Meeting Room Booking Helps Coordinate Services

As companies adopt the hybrid work set-up, how they conduct meetings has changed. With offices and employees spread across different time zones, meetings have gone from solely in-person to hybrid via video conferencing and shared screens.

Naturally, meeting rooms must be equipped with smooth audio-visual facilities, a stable internet connection, a projector, and other equipment. This ensures that employees can book a conference room and the equipments together. 

It also allows the cleaning staff to easily access the meeting room occupancy data. For instance, when a meeting ends, the meeting room booking solution will instantly notify the cleaning staff. And they can quickly sanitize the room. Moreover, the system ensures everyone is on the same page by notifying the staff about any changes.

  1. Manages Last-Minute Changes Automatically

Manually updating and keeping track of meeting schedules and cancellations can waste precious time. Last-minute cancellations also require effective coordination between employees. A meeting room booking solution can detect meeting room occupancy in real-time.

It manages no-shows and cancellations by quickly identifying the empty meeting rooms and marking them as unavailable on the database. 

Further, suppose a meeting gets rescheduled, the meeting room booking solution informs the employees about said changes, thus ensuring better communication. This also reduces the burden of manual processes on the facility managers through automation.

The Bottom Line

A dynamic hybrid office calls for a comprehensive meeting room booking system that simplifies the booking process and promotes effective communication. With a proper system in place, companies can also allow their employees to be more productive. 

Fortunately, many meeting room booking solutions offer these amazing benefits. WorkInSync meeting room booking system is a one-stop solution for conference room needs. From room scheduling to room reservation, the product allows you to improve user experience. You can also integrate your Google calendar with the app. 

Want to improve your the management of your hybrid workplaces? Then schedule a demo with WorkInSync today to learn more.

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