4 Types of Water Filters and Which One You Should Use for Your Home

The use of water filters is very important nowadays because water pollution is increasing day by day. As the rate of industrialization and urbanization is gaining pace, water pollution is accelerating.

The reason behind this connection is that the effluents from the industries and homes directly enter into the soil ecosystem because we do not have a proper drainage system. As it enters the soil travels down to the groundwater and makes it contaminated.

When we pump it out for drinking then it starts to cause serious health issues due to the impurities present in it.

Here we are going to share with you the top four options of water filters that are popularly used all over the world. Along with that, we will share the one that is most effective for all these four ones. It will be a convenience for you to choose the best one for yourself through the description of each one. Let’s get started with it now.

1. Whole House Water Filter

The best whole house water filters are the kind of filters that filter the water of the whole house. This is simply done by attaching it to the main supply of water. Now, the water first filters through it and then it reaches the taps where the water will be free of contaminants.

Whole house water filters are best for the large family size like 5 to 10 people. These type of filters considered as the most convenient water filter as they don’t require as much of maintenance and useable for the long run.

However, there are few downsize as well because they require a large space, proper plumbing knowledge and of course a larger budget to get install. Still, due to their durability and benefits, this is a great option available in water filters for home.

2. Sediment Water Filter

The body of this filter is made with wither polypropylene or polyester that helps in filtering the water through its system. It removes all types of dust and rust particles from water along with heavy metal nutrients which when entering the body could cause serious damage. It has micron ranging in its system that helps in filtering these contaminants, so it is quite an efficient water filtration system.

However, it is not suitable for eliminating the bad smell and odor from municipal water.

3. Countertop Water Filter

Some people only consider the fact that drinking water should be neat and clean. In other cases, like for washing clothes and dishes, and for other domestic uses, they use the contaminated one.

So, they try to get the counter cup water filter that is placed in the kitchen. There it serves the purpose of filtering the drinking water only. Also, it is a reasonable option so people like to go for it.

Countertop water filters are very popular due to their design. They are compact and easily connect with the tap of your sink in the kitchen.

These types of water filters have a very niche and modern design that also give the stylish look for your kitchen.

There are few downsides also associate with countertop water filters such as; they are fancy but not much durable.

Also, if you have a larger family then these types of filters may not suit as they produce 10-12 gallons of water and then filter inside need to be replaced.

4. Activated Water Filter

As the name clearly indicates, this water filtration system is made with carbon power that is kept intact with the help of some kind of binding agent. This helps in removing odor from the water along with chlorine and chemicals present in it.

From all of the above, the whole house water filtration system is the best one that you should choose for your home.

Other than the traditional Water filters, there are so many water filtration devices that are in use right now. You should choose very wisely from those options.


If you love yourself and want to live a healthy life then you must drink pure water. There is a lot of ways to purify water but install a water filter involves less hassle. We have concluded the 4 best types of water filters for home. However, it still depends upon your requirements while choosing the water filter for you.