4 Tricks to Make Perfume Last All Day

If you are a perfume lover who just found out how awesome it feels to wear a perfume that suits you and you are hoping that your perfume should last enough to help you make an impression then you are on the right webpage. Here you can know 4 tricks to make perfume last all day.

 Choose the Right Fragrance

You might not believe it but choosing the right fragrance matters a lot when it comes to making the perfume last. You should seek a fragrance that has more perfume concentration and a stronger scent if the perfume you have used till now doesn’t last long enough or loses its smell within a few hours of application. When choosing a perfume with higher concentration, make sure that you apply only a few drops of it and don’t end up overdoing it. 

 Remember Timing Matters

It is smart to spritz perfume when you are fresh out of a shower because it’s a time when your body is freshly hydrated, and you put on a moisturizer. The moisture on your skin will help lock in the fragrance and make you smell great. This hack will also prevent staining of delicate clothes or jewelry. If you don’t want the fragrance of your moisturizer to tamper the scent of your perfume, you should opt for an unscented moisturizer.

Try Layering

You can also create a custom scent that is unique and help people identify you easily. To find a perfect combination, spray different fragrance blotters with a different combination of perfumes and oils. Smell them to see whether the combination is good enough. If you like it, you should try it on your skin and see whether the combination smells as enticing as before. As your skin oils might change the way a fragrance smells, this step is essential. If you are new to this, spray a strong scent first and then use a lighter one so that the stronger scent doesn’t overpower the lighter one.

Carry Cotton Buds Laced with Your Perfume

If you think that touch ups would be essential throughout the day to make you smell great for long and you don’t want to bother with carrying a bottle of perfume and risk losing it, or you don’t have enough room in your handbag, it is suggested that you add a few drops of perfume to a few cotton buds. You can use these cotton buds to freshen up your perfume by pressing them on the pulse points like the back of the neck, wrists, inside of elbows, inside of the knees, etc., anytime you want.

Wait, There’s More!

Here’s are a few add-on tips. If you want to ensure that the perfume remains the same over a period of a few weeks, months or years, then you should avoid shaking the bottle as it might let the air in and ruin the quality. You should also store the perfume in a dry and cool place like a cupboard or a refrigerator rather than your bathroom shelves as excess moisture can be bad for it. 

You should also make sure that you don’t overdo it (Here’s how to know if you are wearing too much perfume). Last but certainly not the least, you should buy the fragrance from a reputed website like Fragrance 365 that offers varied cologne in Canada to meet your every need. Good Luck!