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4 Top Alternative Investment Opportunities in The UK


So you’ve done well with your investment portfolio so far but are you looking to diversify and try something different? Well, look no further! If you fancy expanding into some of the most lucrative alternative investment opportunities uk then look no further. 

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Alternative investment opportunities like wine and venture capital are increasing in popularity in the UK

Crowdfunding Investment Opportunities In the UK

Crowdfunding is one option that has been growing in popularity. This involves businesses launching a crowdfunding campaign to attract investment from a large number of people in return for a small equity share. It can allow an investor access to exciting business whilst only requiring a small outlay since the investment is split across a “crowd” of investors.

Fine Wine investment opportunities In the UK

Investing in wine can be a lucrative alternative investment opportunity in the UK, providing you know what to buy. In order to be successful, it’s important to learn how to identify quality wines and make connections with other investors. You can also use vintage reports to help you select wines. New apps make investing in wine even easier, allowing you access to a huge database of wines from around the world with key information, ratings and reviews. Typically, it takes around five years to see a positive return from investing in wine, but if you’re interested in the industry, it can be a lucrative investment opportunity.

Alternative property investment opportunities In the UK

There are a number of alternative property investment opportunities in the UK that investors can consider. Property is traditionally a safe investment, but this is changing due to Brexit uncertainty and new tax rules. Co-working spaces, student housing and care home units are all types of properties that offer high yields and bypass certain tax reforms.

Another option is to buy a share of a property with other investors or use a pension pot to purchase a buy-to-let property. This option does come with drawbacks as you’ll need to make sure the rent covers the mortgage and costs of maintaining and managing the property. However, buy in the right location and buy-to-lets can still provide an income and gain value over time.

Venture capital fund investment opportunities In the UK

Venture capital allows you to invest in start ups and provide the funding for their growth and development. If you’re thinking about investing in start ups then it’s recommended that you do so through a specialist venture capital fund, rather than just as an angel investor as this will allow you to easily construct a portfolio of start ups, and access to the best opportunities. 

Venture Capital investment opportunities are generally fairly risky, but they can be extremely rewarding. Venture capital funds in the UK invest in start ups with high growth potential that have not yet made it into the mainstream.  The average UK venture capital fund invest in around 30 different start up companies over the course of 3 years with up to a 10 year horizon for that investment to be returned. There are lots of options available for investors looking to invest through venture capital funds, but you need to be prepared for potential losses as well as growth opportunities.

The UK is a great place for investing. There are many opportunities to invest in the country and take advantage of its stable economy, high interest rates, and a booming stock market. We hope this post has given you some ideas about where your next investment should go! Have you invested before? What have been your successes or failures so far? Let us know what’s worked best for you in the comments below!

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