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4 Tips for Arthritis During Winter

If you have arthritis, you know that it can disrupt your day-to-day life. Arthritis is when your joints get inflamed, causing pain with movement and stiffness. It is something that can worsen with age and make it harder to get around as your joints don’t want to work properly. If you find yourself suffering from arthritis and are looking for some relief, go to Pick PT. Physical therapists are able to increase your mobility and help your body to be able to function better. With or without physical therapy, you may still be having discomfort. For some, winter is when their arthritis is the worst due to the cold. There seems to be a correlation between lower temperatures and precipitation, and those with arthritis can feel more discomfort in their joints. Below are some things that you can do during the winter months to help ease your arthritis symptoms.

Use Heat

As you start your day, you can help your joints warm up through heat. A heated blanket, heating pad, bath, or shower are all ways to warm up your body and joints. This allows your joints to get loose and ready for the movement required. It is comparable to stretching your muscles and warming up, you can do the same for your joints to increase mobility.

Stay Active

You may think that if you have arthritis pain, you shouldn’t exercise. But exercise can actually help your joints increase mobility as well. If you sit around most of the time, your joints will become stiffer and have less motion. Choose low-impact activities such as walking in a mall, swimming, or riding a stationary bike. If you are experiencing a lot of pain with exercising, your intensity may be too much for your joints. Find something that works for your body and makes your body feel better.

Dress Warm

During the winter months, it can get very cold. If you go outside of your home, be sure that you are dressed appropriately for the weather. Cover all of your joints that suffer from arthritis to protect them from the cold. It is a great idea to wear gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm. Even without arthritis, when your body gets cold it can get stiff and hard to function. This is even more so when you have arthritis. Keep your body warm to prevent further stiffness.

Ask For Help

There are some activities that you should try to avoid doing if possible. Ask for help from friends, family, or neighbors if possible. Things such as shoveling your driveway or scraping the ice on your windshield should be avoided if possible. It exposes your hands to the cold and also requires force in order to get the job done. The cold along with intense movements, can be hard on your joints, causing more discomfort. Avoid any other activities that are outdoors during the winter months that cause joint pain because the cold can make the discomfort worse.