4 Things You Should Never Do On a First Date

First dates can be a stressful encounter. The pressure of wanting to make a good impression on someone, coupled with the uneasiness of worrying whether you’ll even like the other person or not, can be intense.  If you’re feeling nervous, it’s an entirely normal way to feel.  

The best way to go into the experience is to know the most important do’s and don’ts. By preparing yourself ahead of time, you’ll be less likely to find yourself making common first date blunders.  

To help you have the best experience possible, take a look at some of the things that you should definitely never do on a first date. 


There is a fine line between making an effort to look good for your date, and coming across like you’re trying too hard. Although you might be dying to wear your new suit or ball gown, you’d be better off saving it for a more formal occasion.  

First dates are the kind of circumstance that you’d be better off wearing something casual than formal. However, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t show up in something like sweaty gym clothes.  Make an effort without going overboard. If you end up hitting it off, then you can consider dressing up a little more the next time that you go out together.  

Talking Too Much 

A lot of people have a habit of oversharing when they get nervous. It’s helpful to catch yourself if you start to talk too much. 

Don’t forget that in addition to sharing about yourself, you should also ask questions about the other person. A date is a give and take experience that you’re both there for to learn about the other person. Make sure that any time you answer something about yourself that you reciprocate with a question for your date. 

Talk About Your Ex 

Most people agree that talking about your ex-partner is quite a faux pas on a first date. Even though your past relationships may play a significant role in who you are as a person, it’s not anything you should be going over when you first meet a potential romantic partner.   

If the other person asks you a casual question that relates to your past relationships, it’s best to respond with an answer that transitions gracefully away from the subject. Even though it may seem like an invitation to start talking about your past, it’s a good idea to save it for another time when you know each other better. 

Tease Your Date 

Some people have flirtatious humor that involves teasing. Although it may seem playful to you, it may be a total turn off to your date. Get to know them first before assuming that they appreciate deprecating humor.