4 Things To Know About Vaping

Vaping: the latest alternative to traditional cigarettes. Most people think of vaping as a way to quit cigarettes and still enjoy the sensation without damaging their health. But, are they actually as safe as the vaping industry wants you to believe?  

The truth is, that threes more about vaping than you may realize. Here are four things that you should know about vaping.

There Are Still Risks

Even though vapor may be considered less harmful for your lungs than smoke, it doesn’t mean they’re good for you, In fact, e-cigarettes can damage your health in a variety of ways that you may not even know.

The truth is that there hasn’t been enough research done yet on the effects of vaping. Although vape companies want you to believe that the e-liquid is harmless, we can’t be sure. Over the next few decades, we’ll have a better idea of whether these substances were, in fact, worse for our lungs than we thought.

In the meantime, is that really a risk that you’re willing to take? 

It May Not Help You Quit Smoking

E-cigarettes are not a guaranteed solution for quitting smoking. In fact, there is very little evidence that it helps in the long term. In many cases, cigarette smokers turn to vaping in hopes of never smoking cigarettes again. However, their vaping habit doesn’t end up replacing cigarettes, but being an additional habit.

As a result, smokers consume even more nicotine than before and are perpetuating their addiction.   

Nicotine Can Affect Your Brain

One of the biggest concerns about vaping is how appealing they are to younger people. Teens are especially attracted to the idea of vaping devices. The problem is that their young brains are especially susceptible to the effects of nicotine.

Not only may they get addicted much faster, but it may also affect cognitive development. Additionally, there is evidence to suggest that it may even increase the risk of mental and physical issues later in life. 

It Can Hurt Your Unborn Child

Mothers who smoke during pregnancy are five times as likely to give birth to a baby under the recommended weight. Smoking can also decrease you and your partner’s fertility. If you’re planning on getting pregnant or are already pregnant, don’t assume that vaping isn’t just as harmful to your baby’s health.

The bottom lines that despite vaping may seem like a safer alternative to smoking, it still contains nicotine, which is harmful to our bodies.  While it may help some people quit smoking, it’s not guaranteed.

If you do choose o start vaping, it’s crucial that you know what you’re getting in to. Don’t assume there aren’t potential risks!