4 Mistakes To Avoid When Playing Cards


Poker is one game that you can never perfect. No matter how experienced you are, there’s always some room for improvement.

The learning curve in playing cards and poker, in general, is very steep, especially for the people who want to bet and earn some bucks off this fun hobby. There is always some area in everyone’s game that need some attention.

That’s is why is this article, we’ve included some of the most commonly made mistakes by people when they’re playing cards (ไพ่ป๊อกเด้ง). We’ll also include some guidelines on how you can actually avoid making those common mistakes ever again.

Playing More Hands Then Necessary

A common mistake that most of the novice players fall into is that they feel compelled to play every hand. This mistake is usually made when you start feeling impatient to make a move, or just need to step into the actions with your friends.

If you don’t know how to play a good starting hand, you might technically lose the game in the very beginning. When you play too many hands, your chances of hitting a flop decrease considerably, and even if you do hit a flop, you won’t know if it’s a right hand to make or not.

If this remains your attitude, you will soon be devoid of all your chips.

Being Too Scared

While playing with no fear of losing at all can also be dangerous, playing with too much fear can be a bigger problem. New players are often scared to make moves because they simply don’t have the required experience.

An inexperienced player tries to fold until he has an unbeatable hand. This can also lead to the player believing that every opponent has a good hand hidden, and they also try to play only the best possible hand.

How you can get rid of this fear? Well, true sitting around the poker table more often and try trusting your instincts. You’ll be surprised by how skilled you are at poker.

Letting Emotions Lead You

We all go through a lot during a normal day  and emotions can have a toll on our poker skills as well. These emotions can cause you to make wrong decisions like chasing losses, playing desperately and others that won’t help you win any game.

Sometimes your ego can keep you from noticing the important moves being made in the card game. These moves are very important in the way that they can help you make smart decisions later on, and missing them can cost you the game.

Pushing Too Much Money Into The Game

Remember that you should only play cards for recreational purposes. Even if you’re betting, you should only use the money that you’re winning to lose.

Betting games are designed to be unpredictable, and it is almost impossible to get the same results from them over a long period of time. You can lose 5 games in a row after winning 1.

So, never push too much money into the game.