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4 children who went missing in the jungles of Colombia for 40 days are gradually recovering after their return


Soldiers and indigenous people found Leslie, 13, Solini, 9, Tian Noriel, 5, and Christine, 1, on Friday afternoon in southern Colombia.

Colombian authorities announced Monday that the four children who were finally found after 40 days lost in the Colombian jungle after the crash of a small plane carrying them, are currently on a “satisfactory path to recovery.”

Since Saturday morning, the four children have been in the military hospital in the Colombian capital Bogota, where they arrived in “acceptable clinical condition”.

And the deputy director of the Colombian Institute for Family Protection, Adriana Velazquez, indicated in a video clip that she sent to the media that after two days of treatment, the children “are in a very good mood, they have painted and painted. They love to talk (…), and they are being treated well.” very”.

The military released a drawing it said was made by the children, showing rescue dog Wilson, who went missing during search operations. “The dog was with them, he would go away for periods and then come back (…) until he lost track of him,” Narciso Mokotoi, the children’s grandfather, said in a video released by the Ministry of Defense.

The four children were found wandering alone in the woods since the crash of a small Cessna 206 on May 1 in which they were traveling with their mother, the pilot and a relative. The rest of the passengers were all killed in the accident.

The four children subsisted on the cassava flour or manioc (a nutritious and widely consumed source of calories and carbohydrates in South America) that they found on the plane, as well as fruits in the jungle.

The two older sisters recorded a “high body temperature” on Monday, while Tian Noriel is under medical “monitoring” due to “possible (food) poisoning,” Astrid Caceres, director of the Colombian Institute for Family Protection, said in radio statements.

Tian Nuriel, the only boy among the siblings, was so weak when he was found that he was unable to walk, according to the indigenous people who made first contact with the children on Friday.

Caceres added, “The child is still receiving intermediate care, not because his condition is serious, but because he is being closely monitored because of his age.” She said, “They have gone back to sleep, which has helped them a lot… Their condition is developing as expected (…) Our predictions It indicates that they will stay two to three weeks in the hospital.”

The Colombian Institute for Family Protection will retain custody of the children until the family dispute over their custody is resolved, as relatives of their deceased mother claim that the father of the two young children abuses them, which the father denies. Their grandmother told AFP she is seeking custody of the four children.

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