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30-year-old woman’s transformation from overweight student to bodybuilding champion

A college girl who tipped the scales at 18kg has revealed how she lost half her body weight to become a bodybuilding champion after discovering she couldn’t fit in a single seat on the Tube.

Hannah Schofield, 30, of Lincoln, said she had always “eaten a lot of candy, chocolate and takeaway” and struggled to find moderation.

It was during a trip to London in 2018 that she vowed to make a change after struggling to walk around without getting out of breath and had to buy size 20 pants for the first time in her life.

Since then, she’s been training and eating healthy five times a week, and since then she’s lost more than half her weight to a muscular, nine-stone amateur bodybuilder.

She said her life has changed since she lost weight, says she met the love of her life and got a promotion at work, adding: “The only limit to your achievement is your willingness to work for it.” . Once I started to apply these principles in my own life, I saw both my self-esteem and self-esteem soar through the roof.’

Hannah Schofield, 30, of Lincoln, weighed 18 stone 5 pounds at her heaviest when she was 26 (left). Just four years later, she’s lost more than half her weight (right)

Discussing her relationship with food for her weight loss, she said, “There was never any real structure and certainly no responsibility whatsoever.

“There’s a lot of sweets, chocolates and takeaways scattered around, which is fine in moderation, of course, but I’m not sure I knew what that word was.”

During a trip to London in 2018, Hannah realized she had to change her life.

She said, ‘I will never forget how I felt that day. I really struggled to carry my own body weight.

The 30-year-old Lincolnshire woman was even crowned Miss Toned Figure for North East England earlier this year

“My knees hurt from the effort of walking all day and I couldn’t walk at a decent pace without breaking a sweat and getting out of breath.

‘The worst was yet to come, because I noticed how much space I was taking up on the London Underground.

“I actually took more than one seat and that made me so upset.

“This was probably the first time I felt the true impact of being overweight and how it affected my health.

“I’d always found clothes that flattered my body in every size, so my concerns generally weren’t how I looked up to this point, but I went to a party that night and had to buy size 20 pants in my pants for the first time.” to live.

“This was the last straw for me.

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“I never thought I would get to size 20 and it was enough to change my life.

She realized she wanted to change her lifestyle when she went on a trip to London in 2018 and discovered she was size 20. had

“In the beginning, I took a pretty radical approach to weight loss, making significant changes to my diet to lose weight in a short period of time, which I wouldn’t recommend looking back on.

“It was after a few months of drastic weight loss that I started working with my girlfriend and coach, Jenna Beckworth, who helped me maintain my weight loss in a much safer and more sustainable way, and we still work together to this day. Today.

“We’ve gone from strength to strength, improving my relationship with food, and going through various stages of bulking and cutting.”

Hannah said, “When you’re training for a bodybuilding competition, you don’t really see food as anything more than a means to an end.

“Looking back, I think if I had tried to lose weight before, I would have restricted myself too much and made myself uncomfortable.

Four years later, Hannah, now a contingency planning and business continuity agency, is on top form

Hannah trains five times a week, saying the key is just ‘routine and discipline’, adding that her self-esteem has gone through the roof

“I certainly hadn’t counted the calories correctly and guessed what I was eating.

Until you really understand the nutritional values ​​and how many calories are in them, you can’t confidently put yourself in a position to lose weight.

‘I hadn’t been very happy with the way I looked as an adult for a long time – I was always the person who wanted a drink, or a meal and a night out.

“These things were just a band-aid used to cover up how I really felt.”

Hannah now trains five times a week and said the key is just “routine and discipline.”

She said: “Exercise is just an essential part of my day now.

“You have to work hard and apply discipline in everything you do.

“I finished top of my class in college, got promotions at work, and met the love of my life.”


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