30 second explainer video vs 90 second explainer video


In video marketing, as with any trending topic, there is complete confusion. You are offered “selling videos”, explainers, corporate films, advertisements, viral videos, video infographics, website videos, company videos, and a bunch of other options.

What is explainer video?

Explainers and training videos appeared in video production quite recently – about 10-15 years ago – but this advertising video format has already managed to prove its effectiveness and efficiency more than once.

These videos are used to explain in simple terms to potential consumers how your product works and why it deserves their attention. Presenting information about how and what to do is easy and often even entertaining.

30 second explainer video advantages

As a rule, in these videos we do not explain anything to the viewer, do not give specific data, facts and statistics, do not convey information. The task of the company’s image video is to emphasize its status and solidity, to stand out from competitors.

  • Experience shows that the explainer and training video have obvious business benefits: increased traffic;
  • increase in repeat sales;
  • growing popularity;
  • increase in conversion;
  • reducing the time for communicating with the client and explaining information to him;
  • optimization of the manager’s work and much more.

That is why the format has earned its popularity. Explainer and training video production begins with the preparation of the text by a professional copywriter who will be able to convey important information to the viewer in simple words. Then the video is dubbed by a professional announcer and background music is selected. After working on the layout of the video, it is the turn of the animation. 30 second explainer videos reviews show that it’s rather popular.

90 second explainer video advantages

Classic timing is 90 second explainer videos. Created in 2D graphics, although the current trend is the combination of 2D and 3D graphics in the explainers. The difference between these videos for business from the previous ones is that we not only talk about a specific product, but also present the company itself. Videos of this type work to improve the image and strengthen the brand, because from the very beginning we position the company as an expert, a market leader. Basic timing is not less than 90 seconds.

Presentation videos have:

  • high index of engagement and retention of viewers’ attention;
  • due to highly detailed 3D graphics and dynamic animation;
  • ability to create a serious impression.

A presentation video can be posted both on the website and on YouTube and can be used as both a marketing tool and a PR. The Explainer Video is a marketing tool. It is better to place such videos for business on the main page of the site to increase its conversion.

The main component of such a video is the atmosphere, the impact on the sensations. If, when watching a company’s image video, you are immersed in what is happening and feel goosebumps – this is it! According to the format, such videos are made in 30 seconds and in 2 minutes – depending on the purpose. Used at industry exhibitions and business events, presentations. 90 second explainer videos reviews show how effective is this format.



It is difficult to calculate the final effectiveness of video explain presentations. To calculate the net effect of a video, you need to exclude other factors: the quality of the site (often a video presentation is made for a new site), traffic, product, managers’ work, seasonality, and others. Therefore, it makes sense to track statistics on the video itself: how often it is generally watched, whether it is watched to the end, what is done after watching.