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3 Unforgivable Sins Of Clothing Care


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Warning: These 3 Mistakes Destroys Your Clothes 

Shhhh…. Listen! Do you hear the sound of ripping clothes? Well, that’s what you are doing by not paying proper care to your clothes. And this is what we want to avoid, by giving you the necessary advice to maintain your daily and occasional wear.

So, let’s start with your clothing care sins!

#1  Ignoring The Labels 

This is the most violent thing that you do with your clothes. You treat them opposite to what they expect. But since their screams are silent, you won’t hear them. They just bear all the damage to their strength and then end up being ripped or colorless. 

So, first of all, it is necessary to check the labels of your clothes. The labels are the only valid indicator to know how to maintain their parts. Here are the main ones and their meaning:

  1. Machine Washing Label:
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 This symbol indicates that you can wash the cloth in a machine. However, if you wish to hand wash a garment, rinse it well in normal water and dry it flat afterward.

  1. Hand Wash Label:
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This indicates that you need to wash the attire gently with your hands and not in a machine.

  1. Dry Cleaning label:
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The letters “P,” “A” or “F” in a circle correspond to items that need dry cleaning. 

  1. Ironing label:

This is the label that you see on costumes that require ironing. The dots represent the temperature of the iron you need. The more dots on the label, the higher the temperature you require.  If you are afraid of damaging certain fabrics (silk or synthetic, for example) consider putting a damp cloth between the iron and the garment when ironing.

Note: if there is a cross sign on the ironing symbol, it means the cloth does not require ironing. 

So, these are the main indications that are generally found. You can check out all other symbols on the whirlpool website’ page.

#2 Using Soap Over A Little Spill Of Coffee or Juice

It happens even with the best of us – we let our costumes enjoy our favorite drink but in little quantity and without intention. Till that point, it is fine as we all are just kids trapped inside in adult bodies. But what you often do immediately after this, causes trouble. 

If you use soap or other like products to clean the stain, you risk discoloring your garment and ending up with a white stain when it’s dry. I, too, have stained my favorite blue pants this way. 

So what to do? If you stain an item of clothing, there is only ONE rule to follow: Take a small cloth, dip it in hot water, then rub gently on the stain. No soap, no product, NOTHING. If you do this immediately, hot water is sufficient. This easy technique is effective on all types of stains – sauce, chocolate, shake, juice, soup, coffee, etc.

Ok, that will work if you notice a fresh stain and act on time, but how do you eliminate a dried stain? 

Take an effective stain remover. Gently apply the stain remover to the cloth. Leave to act as per the recommended time on the bottle. Never exceed this time. Then wash your garment as you normally would.  Or, give it for laundry to the best service provider in your area. Like, I always prefer Lndry.com – the best laundromat in San Diego

#3 Wrong Approach To Dry Cleaning Suits

A suit is always great to wear, but you can not wear it if it has even tiny damage or stain. Therefore it is important not to do anything with it, especially the cleaning. Instead, search for well-known dry cleaners in your area. Employ them to rejuvenate your two and three pieces. 

But which provider to choose?

If you ask me, I would definitely suggest The Lndry – the best dry cleaner in San Diego. But since our readers are worldwide, let us give you some tips to choose one near you:

Quality of Work and Customer Service: Quality service is undeniably the first point to consider. But that’s a very common thing to take into account in this context. Think of it once – you really can’t distinguish the dry cleaning quality of two different service providers as it is their core functionality. So apart from the quality of work, focus on the quality of their customer service. The points you can count on in terms of good customer service(in this scenario) include the below points. 

Saves You Time: Generally, we opt for a dry cleaning service because we wish to save time. So choose a provider that offers free pick and drop service for your clothes. Also, it would be great if the pick and drop service does not require you to be there. Like, Lndry.com offers an application where you can book a free pick and drop of your clothes. You just have to put your laundry in the bags provided and put it outside your door or any other designated area.

Offer You Something Unique: Most laundries use harsh chemicals for the cleaning process. What if you find someone that uses eco-friendly and reusable solutions? Of course, you would like to prefer that particular laundry service provider over others. It is just an example of my vendor. For you, it can be something else. The point is – the vendor should offer you something more than usual. 

The Guarantee of Satisfaction:  The main motto of customer service is customer satisfaction. Only those vendors who are confident over the quality of their services will offer you a guarantee of satisfaction. They guarantee that if you are not satisfied with their work, they will redo the cleaning or replace any item that doesn’t meet your expectations.

That’s it for now. We hope you will not do any of these three sins again! 

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