3 steps of how to use a bong for beginners! Here are the basics and the first three steps

If you are new to smoking cannabis, you might want to try new methods that provide a better high, intense flavor, and are fun to use with your friends. If you don’t know where to start, you need to do some research beforehand so you can figure out the safest way for you to enjoy your smoking experience.

In the past, beginners only used joints, vape pens, and other easy-to-use accessories that had few moving parts. However, accessories have become easier to use and more user-friendly in recent years. This means that you can use “complicated “accessories as a beginner to get a more intense smoking experience!

If you want to try a new apparatus, you can visit site to find one. Here are a few steps of how to use a commonly used and popular accessory among the cannabis smoking community!

The 5 important steps of how to use a bong for beginners – here are the basics!

If you have never seen someone use a bong, you might be overwhelmed when you first see this apparatus. However, using this method only requires a few steps and is easier than you might think. Although not as simple as using a vape one, it is quite easy and fast to use once you get the hang of it. 

However, we understand how you might think of the bong. At first glance, a water bong or regular bong can be very confusing. Fortunately, you can easily get the hang of this process by just taking your time, learning the parts of a bong, and learning how to use it. 

The first thing you need to do before smoking out of the bong is to know the parts. 

  • The mouthpiece is the end of the tube where you put your mouth to inhale the vapor. This is where your mouth is, so ensure the mouthpiece is clean before use and you disinfect it between uses for various people. When using the mouthpiece, ensure you put your mouth on the hole, place your lips inside, and purse them slightly. By pursing your lips, you can create a seal so no vapor escapes from the bong. 
  • The chamber is where the smoke is collected and sits until you inhale it. The smoke will accumulate here and will stay until you inhale it – “clearing” the chamber involves inhaling the smoke vapor and getting it into your lungs. 
  • The bowl is what holds the flower you will use to smoke. The bowl, also known as the slide, is the smoking material, such as your flower. The bowls are called the slide since you take it out of the downstem before you inhale the smoke from the chamber, where the vapor is being held. 
  • The downstem is the tube that connects the water to the mouthpiece. Most downstems are either a simple tube or notched at the bottom. The smoke will travel into the water through the downstem. 
  • The carb is the hole on the side above the water level that is covered while you light the bong. When you want to inhale the vapor held inside of the chamber in the bog, you can release the carb to allow the smoke to escape from its side.  

Step 1: Fill the bong with water

The first step of how to use this method includes filling the bong with water. You need to add water to it so that it is heated and provides vapor for you to smoke the flower into your lungs. Having more water in the bong is not necessarily conducive to better smoking – fill it to the right level to avoid any inhalation of hot water during the pull. 

The best rule of thumb when filling it with water is to fill it just until it covers the downstem. By following this rule, you can ensure the holes in the downstem are covered without spilling out of the carb hole. Make sure you aim for getting the water around one inch above the end of the downstem for an optimal smoking experience. 

You can test the amount of water you add to the bong by taking a deep breath through the mouthpiece to see if the water bubbles without coming up and touching your mouth. 

Step 2: Add ice to the bong

The second step of how to use a bong as a beginner involves adding ice to it. Although this is not necessary, it is easy to inhale the vapor if it is not hot and itchy on your throat. Make sure you gently pull in the vapor and ice with your water to cool your throat and allow for longer hits. 

Even though this step is optional, it often makes it easier to inhale. You may even find that some bongs have “ice pinches”, which is an area of the chamber where the ice can be collected and rested during the smoking session. The purpose of this ice chamber is to help force the smoke around the cold air within the downstem of the bong to ensure it is cooled off before it hits your mouth. 

Step 3: Pack the bowl

The third step of using a bowl for beginners is to pack the bowl with the flower you want to smoke. You can choose any strain you like to smoke with your bong! Along with packing the bowl, you first need to ensure you call out any residue, debris, or ash left in the bowl. Make sure you can get enough airflow in the chamber so it reaches the bowl. If air gets through quickly and easily, you have done a good job of cleaning. If not, then you need to take a sharp tool and unpack any debris in the bowl to ensure you will get a good hit and strong airflow during your session. 


When using a bong for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure you add water, and ice, and add flour to the bowl to begin your smoking experience!