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3 Staple Accessories in Every Woman’s Wardrobe


As much as we all adore clothing and the near unlimited ways it can be combined to create unique looks, accessories are the real game-changers that can make or break your look. While some of them only focus on enhancing your appearance, others can also have significant positive effects on your health. Moreover, they can help you express your style or on the contrary help you experiment with different styles. Regardless of your fashion taste, we made a list of 3 staple accessories that should definitely find their place in your wardrobe.


A high-quality handbag is one of the best investments a woman can make for her style and a classic black box bag specifically is a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe, as it is perfect for any occasion, whether it is an official event or a casual night out with friends. As much as we love vegan alternatives, leather is the best fabric to look for when buying a bag that will last you for a truly long time. Plus, one of the greatest benefits of leather, apart from its sturdiness and durability, is how beautifully it gets worn out which gives this accessory a special vintage charm. Other essential bags to have in your collection include a spacious backpack, a canva tote bag, and a clutch. With these accessories, you will be ready for whatever event you might be invited to or any spontaneous trip you might plan.



Hats have always played an important role in women’s fashion, as they not only protected from the natural elements such as rain and snow, but they helped make a fashion statement as well. Depending on the design and the fabric they were made of, hats were also an indicator of social status or even religious affiliation. Today, these versatile accessories are a must in every woman’s wardrobe. If the classic beanie or baseball cap seem too basic for your fashion taste, give Irish hats a try. Made of high-quality fabrics such as tweed and merino wool, their style varies from classic newsboy caps to knit pom-pom hats. Hop online to find a broad range of Irish ladies hats for every taste, style, and budgets. This way, your looks will always be topped off with a stylish and functional accessory!



Just like the hats, back in the day jewelry could tell a lot about the woman, for example things such as her cultural background or the social and marital status. These days, however, there is no right or wrong answer so we can wear whatever fits our style, be it a posh ring that was passed down to you by your grandmother or some cheap plastic rings you got in a store at the mall. Regardless of your preferences, we still think that there are a few staple options that complement every woman’s wardrobe: stud and small hoop earrings, a thin bracelet, and a watch are the accessories that can be worn on a daily basis with any outfits, formal or not.

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