3 Solid Eeasons Why You Should Never Go For Detoxification at Home

The first way to getting the life back which you once enjoyed is by going through the process of detoxification. Once the detox process is done, one can go for additional treatments to get cured of their drug or alcohol addiction. Many people opt for Detox New Jersey centers, but there are people who choose to get detoxified at home. This can be good for some people, but the majority of people tend to relapse easily when they try to detox themselves at home. For some, it can work out, while for some it can be deadly.

Reason no.1: It can be extremely deadly

People who are severely under the drug addiction pattern tend to relapse again and again despite their best efforts. They go through withdrawal symptoms like mood swings, stress, depression, anxiety, frustration, and all kinds of irrational symptoms that can prove to be fatal. These moods can make people with drug addiction act in ways that their loved ones thought would never happen.

How can it be deadly? It is simple, some drugs give withdrawal symptoms such as hallucination, seizures, and especially delirium tremens, which can be very deadly as people have died of it. These hallucinations do not leave that easily, instead, they double down and can make the person suffering from drug abuse get more erratic and have extreme bipolar reactions. Some people have gotten panic attacks, anxiety, and most commonly depression from withdrawing drugs.

You should not go through the detox process all by yourself, as it can make you have your last relapse, in a bad way. Instead opt for a Detox New Jersey center that has a professional medical staff that can help you detoxify easily even if you get deadly withdrawal symptoms, the health counselor, medical staff over there, and the support of other patients will help you in this journey.

Reason no. 2: The success rate is very low

Whenever people try to detoxify themselves at home, they go through withdrawal symptoms like nausea, they do not have any alternative for alcohol so they fail and relapse again. If they had done their treatment at a detox center, they would have been given clonidine for treating their alcohol addiction, or they would have been given Zofran in order to help them with nausea or vomiting.

When symptoms are easily under control, the treatment of detox can happen smoothly, if it doesn’t then it can really make a person relapse again. No willpower will get you out of it, drug addiction requires the help of other people, especially medically trained staff that excels in detoxifying and curing drug addiction.

Inpatient treatment programs and outpatient treatment programs at Detox New Jersey centers have high success rates as compared to the homebound detox process, mainly due to the necessary equipment, staff, counselors, and fellow patients being at the center.

Reason no. 3:  You will always feel like you are alone

The worst thing about detoxifying at home is that you will always feel like you are suffering alone. You just do not see any other people going through what you are going through. You will always feel alone, and your chances of relapsing would be high. When we get to see that there are other people going through what we are going through, and there are people that are over what we are going through, it can give a sense of relief, they give hope that better days are on the horizon, that cure is possible.