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3 Red Flags When Looking For a Job

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Some Warnings to Watch Out During An Interview

It happens that when you are looking for a job, you find the ideal vacancy, and during the interview the manager asks about your personal life or speaks poorly about clients. In this case, it is not always clear what to do: ignore it or run as far as possible. What red flags you shouldn’t overlook when interviewing for a job.

You have to be cautious while preparing for a job interview. It’s just like when playing online casinos. When entering the gambling world, you’ll be careful not to share your Vave login, for example, or personal information as it can lead to unexpected risks. 

Now let’s see how to avoid problems during your job interview.

Red Flag 1: Employer makes derogatory remarks about clients and employees


If during an interview you hear unflattering epithets about clients or former employees, most likely, such an attitude is par for the course at the company. And it will probably only get worse: during interviews, the employer, as a rule, restrains himself, because he wants to hire the candidate. If, under such conditions, a leader behaves this way, this may indicate an unhealthy and toxic atmosphere in the team.

Most likely, the lack of respect extends to employees, contractors, and partners. Which means, most likely, on you too.

Red flag 2. The employer reschedules the meeting several times, is late or does not warn that the interview is a group interview

This is worth paying attention to. It is considered good form to warn the applicant about the format of the interview – it will be a group interview, where other applicants are present, or individual. It is also customary to indicate who from the company’s side will be at the interview. How long will it last and what stages will it consist of? Companies that care about their HR brand warn candidates in advance about the postponement and delay of the start of the interview.

Of course, it happens in different ways, and the human factor is also possible. For example, an appointment in the calendar was missed or there was confusion in the days of the week and time zones. It is important how the employer behaves in this case. For example, did he apologize to the candidate? Such a difficult situation is an opportunity to see how a company or a leader behaves when he makes a mistake or when the planned plan fails.

Red Flag 3: During an interview, they ask about marital status, children, political or religious views for no reason

Personal questions are not recommended during an interview. They are not related to performing work tasks. But some HR specialists may still ask them. Typically, such questions are caused by two factors:

Stereotypes. For example, the belief that single women with children and mortgages are better motivated. There is no point in arguing about stereotypes during an interview. You can immediately answer the question of whether you are ready to accept them for the sake of a work contract. If not, you shouldn’t join this company.

Working moments. Some companies include gifts for children of employees in the compensation package and, in order to “sell” bonuses to the candidate, find out whether he has children.

If the offer involves relocation, they may also clarify information about the composition of the family or ask who you are planning to move with – this will influence the final offer.

Do not hesitate to ask why the employer is asking such questions. Remember that you have the right to politely refuse to answer. For example: “I would not like to answer a question about my political views, because I am not sure that this relates to the topic of our meeting.”

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