3 Reasons to Visit Sports Clinic Singapore

A sports clinic is a facility with medical doctors who have extensive training and experience managing conditions that mostly affect athletes. A sports clinic in Singapore can help you prevent, manage, and even treat a wide variety of sports-related injuries and complications.

If you need help managing an injury by visiting a sports clinic, Singapore guarantees you a vast collection of reputed facilities that will set you on a good path to recovery. Here are the five reasons to visit a sports injury clinic in Singapore.

  • Get Dedicated Help with Acute and Chronic Musculoskeletal Injuries Not Incurred in Sports

Injuries can happen any time and when we least expect. It doesn’t have to be on a sports field all the time. 

Visiting a sports clinic if you have an acute or chronic musculoskeletal injury could be your best bet. The doctors in the facility have an extensive understanding of acute and chronic injuries that mostly affect the joints.

Therefore, they can help you manage injuries even if you aren’t an athlete. Usually, these clinicians are drawn from multiple specialties. They’re referred to ‘sports medicine experts’ because of the common goal of helping injured players get back into the field of play.

Here is a rundown of the five most common injuries treated at sports clinics in Singapore.

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Knee and muscle injuries
  • Dislocated Joints
  • Achilles injuries
  • Broken bones

You mustn’t overlook any indicator of a possible injury to your joints or muscle tissues. If you suspect that you’ve sustained an injury to any joint or muscle, here are the acute injury symptoms to look for:

  • Weakness
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Sudden pain
  • A joint or bone that appears to be dislocated
  • Swelling or inflammation

If you sustain a chronic injury that may have resulted from working for long hours or engaging in strenuous activities or exercises, a sports clinic can also help you get back on your feet. Perfect examples of chronic injuries are bone fractures, damage to the rotator cuff, and tendinitis.

Some of the symptoms to check for if you suspect that you’ve sustained a chronic injury include;

  • Persistent pain
  • Pain when engaging in daily activities or playing
  • Severe swelling or pain that limits your mobility

When you visit a sports clinic in Singapore, they will perform a series of tests and exams to discover the cause of the discomfort. They’d then recommend or create the right treatment program for you.

  • A Sports Clinic Can Help With Orthopedic Surgery Procedures

Orthopedic surgeries are recommendable if you have broken bones, probably due to a heavy falling, being hit by a hard object, or sustaining a severe injury during sports. These procedures may also help correct dislocated joints.

Here are some of the injuries you should visit a sports clinic in Singapore for orthopedic surgical procedures.

  • If you suffer a rotator cuff injury.
  • If you suffer a torn tendon.
  • If you get ligament damage. Ligaments are the tissues that hold your joints in place and connect different bones. Ligament damages are risky and require dedicated medical care.
  • Good Recovery from Severe Injuries

Injuries shouldn’t dictate how you live your life. Ideally, if you’re an athlete, a chronic, acute injury or even surgeries should only be your stepping stones to success.

Here’s the booby trap. Not every clinician can deal with chronic injuries or can help manage surgery recoveries efficiently. Because of that, it is prudent that you seek help from medical professionals with expertise in these fields.

Here’s where a sports clinic in Singapore comes into play again. It doesn’t matter whether you’re active in sports or you got the injury when going about your daily activities.

A reputed sports clinic will help you design a good recovery program for a faster and full recovery. Importantly, they will plan the treatment to begin immediately to avoid possible muscle weakness and stiffness.

They will also give you an accurate estimate on when to resume active exercises or tasks to avoid a possible injury recurrence if you resume work or games too soon.

The facility will help you with;

  • Support items such as crutches or splints to stabilize the injury point.
  • A wide range of motion exercises to help you retain your ideal range of motion.
  • Strength exercises, so you can hold the weight of your body after recovery.
  • Medications for pain and inflammations management.
  • Therapies to ensure speedy require, for example, sound wave stimulation, and massages, among others.
  • Stretching exercises.
  • Counseling and emotional support to help with your mental strength.

Final Word

When choosing a reliable sports clinic, Singapore is one of the best places you can trust with your treatment. Contact us today for a complete assessment to design a suitable treatment plan for you or your loved one.