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3 missiles misfired during army exercise in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer


Three surface-to-air rockets were misfired by the Army from the Pokhran field shooting variety in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer, UPDATED: Mar 25, 2023 08:20 IST Two of the rockets were recuperated and search is on for the 3rd one. (India Today image) By Vimal Bhatia: Three rockets were misfired throughout a shooting workout by the Indian Army in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer. The shooting workout was being held at the Pokhran field shooting variety when the 3 surface-to-air rockets were misfired due to a technical problem. The 3 rockets headed out of variety and struck the fields in various towns, triggering loud surges. No loss of life or home was reported. Defence representative Lt Col Amitabh Sharma stated the rockets were misfired throughout a military workout. An examination has actually been started and more action will be taken appropriately. BrahMos rocket misfire might have caused war with Pakistan: Centre informs court MISSILE MISSINGThe particles of 2 of the misfired rockets has actually been recuperated however authorities are yet to discover the 3rd one. Cops and Army groups are presently looking for the 3rd rocket. The rockets of variety in between 10 to 25 kilometres were being test fired by professionals in the Army however differed its course due to a technical fault. Nachana Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Kailash Vishnoi verified the event and stated a rocket was discovered in a field at Ajasar town. The 2nd rocket was discovered in another field. The rocket developed huge craters in the field. READ North Korea fires several cruise rockets off its east coast, states South Korea Edited By: chingkheinganbi mayengbam Published On: Mar 25, 2023

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