3 Important Reasons to Run a Background Check on Employees

Human resource managers and departments always strive to tap the ideal talent and skills for various posts. Even so, investigating an individual’s historical background becomes a vital part of the process. It is no surprise that some positions are critically sensitive to the extent that the hirer may be held liable for hiring or retaining an employee who is later involved in image-denting or illegal conduct.


Part of the background checks involves many things. Verifying details presented by the potential applicant or existing employees. As a risk-minimizing tool, it helps correct the anomalies arising from clerical mistakes or intentional omissions. While justifications for these processes are numerous, here are the 3 most ones.


Hire Qualifed Employees


It helps an organization to hire the most qualified employees to help realize the set down objectives and goals. As part of background checks, you look at the authenticity of the academic records submitted. Besides, you look at whether the documents provided have been certified by relevant institutions as per the human resources policy. In case of any non-compliance to certification procedures, you separate the grain from chuff. The stellar performances in both academic circles and other required documents are universally accepted as the right tools to gauge applicants’ potential.


Promotion of Work Ethics


Promotion of honesty, integrity and work ethics. The importance of background investigation cannot be overemphasized as far as the promotion of professional ethos is concerned. Mere confirmation of a misstatement or fabrications by an applicant during the hiring process is enough to signal integrity questions. This helps to disqualify candidates at the right time before getting them on board only to cause a reputation downgrade for your business or firm. For instance, failure to carry out due diligence in the hiring process of a driver who has been convicted in the past for involvement in driving under influence, you might be held legally liable for failure to carry out due diligence.


Promote Workplace Safety


Background checks help promote workplace safety while keeping potential criminals away from your business. Employers are responsible for the safety of their employees, customers and other stakeholders within the premises. If a certain employee causes any physical harm to any of these parties, he may be held to account for negligent hiring. This is even serious in instances where the employer had a reasonable cause to believe that the employee might cause harm to the rest of the workers. Besides, you ought to look at the applicant’s criminal record including data from the credit reference bureau. You could be surprised that the potential employees are under various watch lists or criminal registers. Along these lines, background checks help unearth whether potential candidates are identifiable by other names or aliases which they can potentially use to commit serious crimes against your business. In case of any active court proceedings against the applicant or continuing employee, you will be in the right position to ascertain their suitability.


While an organization reputation may take years to build, eroding the gains made takes only a single sorry instance. To steer away from such instances, businesses, firms and organizations ought to continually invest resources that promote professional background checks. The focus should not be limited to the criminal aspects but also the verifiability of academic records. Credit records are important too in ascertaining whether the candidate has a history of defaulting loans.