28 years old, I quit my job to be a stay at home girlfriend. I love making all my boyfriend’s meals.

A woman has revealed how she quit her teaching job at the age of 28 to become a “stay-at-home friend” – just five months after meeting her Love Island boyfriend.

Summer Hawkins, 28, was living in Bristol when she first connected with her partner Biggs-Marvin Chris – who appeared on the ITV dating series in 2020 – on social media last year.

Talking to the MirrorSummer explained how she was working as a primary school teacher at the time and had barely any disposable income after paying her rent.

After chatting on social media, Summer and Biggs, 30, agreed to meet up at a nightclub – with the reality star later revealing he sent a friend to “check her out first” to see if his future girlfriend was “the was worth it’. ‘.

Summer Hawkins, 28, was working as a primary school teacher when she met her Love Island boyfriend Biggs-Marvin Chris. The two first interacted on social media in 2021

Summer Says Biggs Convinced Her To Quit Her Job Five Months Into Their Relationship.  She Now Spends Her Time Taking Care Of Their Home, Cooking Biggs' Meals And Prioritizing

Summer says Biggs convinced her to quit her job five months into their relationship. She now spends her time taking care of their home, cooking Biggs’ meals and prioritizing “quality time” as a couple

Biggs Appeared On Love Island In Winter In 2020. Pictured Before Flying To South Africa

Biggs appeared on Love Island in winter in 2020. Pictured before flying to South Africa

The pair instantly hit it off and five months into their relationship, Biggs asked Summer to move to Glasgow to live with him – assuring his girlfriend that he would always “look after” her.

Summer described how “any woman would be happy with that offer” and resigned soon after – prompting her mother to compare her new life to that of a 1950s housewife.

Summer provided insight into her daily routine, explaining how she starts each day by making Biggs a meal and turning on the shower so it’s “nice and hot” for him when he’s ready to jump in.

“Then I make him hot chocolate and he tells me what he wants for breakfast,” Summer said. “Whatever he wants, he gets, whether it’s chicken and rice or an egg sandwich.”

Summer Says Her And Biggs' Lifestyle Makes Sense To Them As She Would Love To Be A Mother One Day.  Pictured Together Earlier This Year

Summer says her and Biggs’ lifestyle makes sense to them as she would love to be a mother one day. Pictured together earlier this year

Once he’s eaten, Biggs leaves the house for work – which ranges from sponsored social media posts to renovating homes.

In the first half of the day, Summer, whose lifestyle is funded entirely by Biggs, says she’s committed to cleaning — tackling the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

By the time she finishes, Biggs – who normally calls to ask what he wants to eat – has come home for his lunch.

The former teacher then uses the afternoon for errands – such as walking the dog – and going to the gym.

Love Island'S Rebecca Gormley And Biggs Chris Called Their Romance In 2021 After More Than A Year Together

Love Island’s Rebecca Gormley and Biggs Chris called their romance in 2021 after more than a year together

Once every three weeks, Summer gets her nails professionally done at a local salon and does the occasional tanning session.

Since she’s no longer working, Summer says she doesn’t have “any stress” in her life — allowing her to focus on spending quality time with Biggs in the evenings.

“Biggs shows me how much he appreciates me by occasionally washing his own plate after breakfast,” Summer said. “He also brings me home flowers, chocolates, and stuffed animals and says, ‘Thank you for making the house a home.’ On special occasions he spoils me with designer bags and shoes.’

Although Summer is responsible for running their household, she says Biggs never makes a comment if she’s a little behind on laundry or cleaning.

Romance: Last Year, Biggs, Who Met Rebecca On The 2020 Winter Version Of Love Island, Shared How He'S Ready To Marry The Brunette Beauty But Wanted Her To Propose To Her.

Romance: Last year, Biggs, who met Rebecca on the 2020 winter version of Love Island, shared how he’s ready to marry the brunette beauty but wanted her to propose to her.

Biggs And Rebecca Were Last Pictured Together On July 20 Posing With Fellow Islanders Luke Mabbott And Lucie Donlan

Biggs and Rebecca were last pictured together on July 20 posing with fellow islanders Luke Mabbott and Lucie Donlan

Without a full-time job of her own, Summer explained how she has to ask Biggs for money every time she wants to buy a new outfit or pay a parking ticket.

“He takes care of all what I call the manly things, including the mortgage, bills and gas, and I take care of him,” she added. “He’s like my son sometimes.”

As her next ambition is to become a mother, Summer says her decision not to work makes sense for her and Biggs.

The reality star was previously in a relationship with Love Islander co-star Rebecca Gormley before the duo announced their split in August 2021.

The split came just months after Biggs said he “absolutely” wanted to marry his Love Island girlfriend.

Speaking to MailOnline in September 2020, Biggs said he’s more than happy to walk down the aisle with the brunette beauty, but he wished she was the one to pop the question.

He explained, “I’m waiting for Rebecca to propose to me. I’m waiting for the ring, she got down on one knee as a joke yesterday.’

She joked, “You’ll have to wait a long time, because I’m not going to get down on one knee.”

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