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21-Year-Old Athlete Got Sick In The Gym And Was Diagnosed With Cancer – Three Days Later He Was Dead

The talented 21-year-old athlete fell ill in the gym and was diagnosed with testicular cancer that had spread to his brain and lungs; three days later he was dead.

  • After falling ill at the gym, doctors found hemorrhages in Daniel Donnan’s brain
  • The 21-year-old was diagnosed with testicular cancer and died three days later.

A talented 21-year-old bowler was told he had testicular cancer after he fell ill on a treadmill at the gym and died in hospital just three days later.

Daniel Donnan was hospitalized after he began to feel unwell last Thursday during training and was informed a day later of his condition, which had spread to his brain and lungs.

Daniel’s friends recounted how he texted them from the hospital saying he was feeling fine, but the sportsman from Bangor, Co Down, Northern Ireland, passed away on Monday surrounded by his family.

Now they are trying to raise awareness about cancer in young men, reports Belfast Live.

Speaking after his brother’s death, Curtis Donnan described how Daniel had suddenly become ill.

He said: ‘Daniel was at the gym and he started to lose strength on the right side of his body after he got off the treadmill.

Daniel Donnan got sick at the gym and was diagnosed with cancer the next day

Tragically, the talented bowler died in hospital just three days later.

Tragically, the talented bowler died in hospital just three days later.

“He felt his body change and was rushed to Ulster Hospital where they did a brain scan which showed hemorrhaging.

‘Daniel had an MRI on Friday and then underwent a CT scan and ultrasound. He was diagnosed Friday night and then we lost him on Monday.

‘We would like to thank the doctors and nurses at Ulster Hospital and also the cancer ward at City Hospital.’

Paying tribute to his brother, Curtis continued: “He was a huge foodie who loved the cafes and restaurants in Belfast, but in particular The Yogurt Tree in Bangor, which was one of his favorite places.”

“He loved trying different foods and his family and friends loved him.”

Daniel had excelled as a bowler, winning numerous titles with his local bowling club, including being runner-up under-25 for the Northern Ireland Bowling Association in 2018.

Speaking to the Newsletter, Bangor Bowling Club secretary Thomas Cannavan explained how suddenly the illness had come on.

He said: ‘Daniel was training in the gym a few days ago and then he felt weak after his workout and sat down.

“Suddenly he didn’t feel right on one side of his body, so he was taken to Ulster Hospital.

“They told us that he had a hemorrhage in his brain. She was telling us on WhatsApp that she was feeling much better that night and that she was looking forward to the season and that she was joking with us as usual.

“But the next day he received the devastating news that he had testicular cancer and that it had spread to his brain and lungs.

“They were going to move it the next day and then they realized how bad it was that it wasn’t safe to move it. They were going to try emergency chemotherapy, but it was too late.