[2020 NEW] How to Download YouTube Videos on Desktop/Android/iOS

YouTube contains lots of video resources covering different categories. But a pity for such powerful platform should be that it is not available to download these videos for offline playback. But fortunately, thanks to the development of the technologies, we now get some ways to work it out! In this review, we’d like to share different methods that you can apply to download YouTube videos on different devices such as desktop, Android, and iOS. Kindly check them now!

Download YouTube Videos in VideoHunter

First, let’s come to the tutorial on desktop. VideoHunter is greatly recommended to people who want to save YouTube videos in high-quality for offline enjoyment. So how can VideoHunter help us?

VideoHunter performs as a good helper to help save online videos with very simple operation process. It supports the downloads from YouTube, Facebook, and other 1,000+ platforms. So there is no doubt that VideoHunter is an all video downloader on desktop.

VideoHunter features include:

Support high resolutions to output YouTube videos, which include 1080p, 4K, and even 8K;

Allow to download YouTube playlist at once on Mac (Windows will add this feature very soon);

Provide different mainstream formats to save video/audio such as MP3, MP4, and WEBM;

Enjoy 6X faster speed for saving and converting media content;

Use the built-in converter on Mac to convert the video/audio files to other 20+ formats.

Here also provide you with the tutorial to download YouTube videos in VideoHunter.

Step 1. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you are about to download in YouTube platform.

Step 2. Navigate to VideoHunter, and then paste the URL of the YouTube video into the downloading bar, and also tab the Analyze button aside the bar.

Copy your

Step 3. Select an output format as well as quality in the pop-up menu. Subsequently, click on the Download button to get the YouTube video offline.

Step 4. Then the YouTube will started to be downloaded with high speed. With reliable network, the downloading speed within every second can even reach 10M! When the video is downloaded, you can play it offline freely.

[Note] Some Tips on Using VideoHunter

The available quality options for downloading YouTube videos depend on the provided ones of the original videos. This means that if the original videos offer 1080p, 4K, and 8K options, VideoHunter will also detect as well as provide these options for saving it offline.

For YouTube videos which have uploaded extra subtitle files, VideoHunter can easily detect them and provides corresponding options to let people save the subtitles in SRT format freely.

On Mac, VideoHunter provides the YouTube playlist download feature, which allows you to save videos from a playlist at once without wasting your time. Thankfully, this feature will soon be added on Windows version as well. Let’s look forward to it!

Download YouTube Videos with VLC Media Player

If you have installed VLC Media Player on your device, actually, you can use its hidden function to download YouTube videos freely! Is it amazing? Although VLC Media Player is a multimedia player, it hides a video download function that you can use to save online YouTube videos. Let’s see how it works!

Step 1. First, please open YouTube and find the video that you would like to download on desktop. When you reach the YouTube video, please duplicate the URL of the it from the searching bar. 

Step 2. Subsequently, open VLC Media Player on your desktop, then refer to File > Open Network. In the next, a new small window will pop up. Now you can paste the URL of the YouTube video to the downloading bar here and tap Open.

Step 3. When you submit opening the video, the content will pop up in a new window. Now you should go to Window > Media Information. VLC Media Player here will intelligently present you a small window about Media Information. Please go down to the bottom of the interface and find Location. Then, please copy the content in the Location field. 

Step 4. When you have copied the location of the video, now please open a new tab in your browser and paste the location to the address bar, then press Enter. As the YouTube video content shows up, please right click on the video and choose Save Video As

After selecting an output folder, you can click on Save to start downloading the YouTube video and make it your local file.


How to Download YouTube Videos on Android

If you are using an Android device instead of desktop, then the YouTube video downloading method will be much simpler. VidPaw App is the only tool you need to use for accessing, streaming, and downloading YouTube videos.


Features of VidPaw App:

Provide users with a built-in YouTube search engine to access any videos they like;

Offer powerful video analysis function to convert YouTube video fastly;

Offer various output formats such as MP3, MP4, M4A, and WEBM to save YouTube videos offline;

Allow to switch on Wi-Fi only mode to save mobile data;

Provide super fast downloading speed.


Here comes to the process of downloading YouTube videos with VidPaw App.


Step 1. Install VidPaw App on your Android device properly. If the download is failed, you can follow this guide to proceed it again.


Step 2. When you have downloaded VidPaw App, directly launch the program and use the search bar on its home page to search for the YouTube video you need to download on Android.

Step 3. When it shows the YouTube results for you, you can notice that each YouTube video has provided a download icon beneath the content. So directly press the icon to start downloading the YouTube video.

Step 4. Now VidPaw App will generate some output options to you. The only thing you should do now is to select your preferred output option, and then hit the Download button to save the YouTube video to Android device directly.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iOS Devices

Currently, there has no direct YouTube video downloader launched on iOS devices yet, so instead of using a software, iOS users can make full use of the online YouTube downloader to help save YouTube videos offline. The way is simple, and here are some steps you need to follow.

Step 1. If you are using iOS device with a iOS 13 or later system, you can directly open Safari and go to VidPaw Online Video Downloader. Otherwise, you need to install Documents and go to the the site with its built-in browser.

Step 2. Then, like the method 1 and 2, you should go to YouTube for copying the URL of the video you need to download. After that, return back to VidPaw Online Video Downloader and paste the URL to its downloading bar, and click the Download icon.

Step 3. Now the site will be turned to U2Convert for analyzing the video and provides you with the downloading options. Just select your needed option, and tab the Download button beside to save the video.

Step 4. In Safari, a double-check window will pop up and ask whether you submit to download the YouTube video on your iOS device. Just by clicking Download again and the video will started to be save to your iCloud Drive.

Have you gotten these four ways to download YouTube videos on different devices? They would be helpful if you are holding more than one kind of device but want to download YouTube videos without hassle. Hope this blog can help you!