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200 soldiers per day.. Ukrainian losses may force them to leave Bakhmut


The city of Bakhmut is still the focus of fierce fighting between the two sides of the conflict in Ukraine, especially since Russia has made controlling it a priority in its strategy to extend its influence over the entire Donbass region.

Amidst the hit-and-run battles between the two sides, a British report stated that the Ukrainian armed forces are losing between 100 and 200 soldiers per day during the battles in the city.

The losses of the Ukrainians are heavy

The report also continued that the heavy losses incurred by the Ukrainian side may eventually force Kiev to leave Bakhmut, according to the British newspaper “The Times”.

He pointed out that approximately 90% of Bakhmut has been destroyed due to the recent battles that have been going on for 9 months.

Zelensky in Bakhmut supports his troops

He stated that 90% of the place’s pre-war population of 70,000 people.

He also pointed out that the “City of Roses” is witnessing the fiercest battles daily, in reference to the great symbolism that Bakhmut carries.

The most important focus of the fight

It is noteworthy that Bakhmut turned several weeks ago into an arena for the fiercest and bloodiest battles, while most of its inhabitants deserted it. Especially since Moscow is clinging to its control, considering that achieving this goal will create a gap in the Ukrainian defenses.

Counterattacks in the city between the two parties

The Russian access to the city is also a step towards seizing the entire industrial Donbass region, which has been a major target for Russian forces since the start of the war on February 24 of last year.

Today, Bakhmut is the focus of fierce fighting between the two parties to the conflict in Ukraine, as both sides are desperate to achieve the greatest progress on its territory.

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