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200 passengers evacuated from an Austrian tunnel after a train caught fire


The Austrian authorities announced that they evacuated on Wednesday evening about 200 passengers who were on board a train, after a fire broke out in it while it was crossing a tunnel.

Austrian police told AFP that around 45 passengers suffered minor injuries, most likely from smoke inhalation from the fire.

For his part, a spokesman for the Austrian railway company “OPB” told AFP that the fire broke out on Wednesday evening on board a train that was heading from Vienna to Amsterdam via Hamburg, and it was caused by a break in an overhead power cable.

The spokesman added that the cable was cut while the train was crossing a tunnel in the Austrian Alps near Innsbruck.

He explained that the train was transporting, along with the passengers, a cargo of cars, and the power cable cut led to the outbreak of fire in one or more of these cars.

The spokesman confirmed that “the fire was extinguished at 22:19 (20:19 GMT), and the evacuation of the passengers was completed by 23:40 (21:40 GMT).”

The train left Vienna on Wednesday evening and was supposed to arrive in Amsterdam on Thursday morning.

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