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20-year-old MMO classic introduces loot boxes and immediately regrets it


It was just an intermezzo: the loot boxes in Everyquest 2 didn’t last long.

They came and were soon gone again: loot boxes in Everquest 2 Love the Evernight Heritage Crates called. Only a few days after developer Daybreak introduced the in-game shop, he was overwhelmed by one wave of displeasure from his player base.

What’s up with the loot boxes?

The portal MOOBomb reportedlike the crates from the fans rapidly Pay-to-raid boxes were baptized. Because with raids in high-end dungeons, they are said to have clearly increased the chance of high-quality equipment. Unsurprisingly, the flood of criticism did not subside in the days that followed. The resistance of the Everquest 2 community was successful:

In a forum post the developers quickly rowed back Daybreak:

After listening to your feedback and internal discussion, we have decided to remove the Libant Evernight Heritage Crates from the in-game marketplace. We heard and understood that the boxes represented items that contradicted our shared values.


In the future, Daybreak a special forum open to get feedback on major updates ahead of release on the live servers.

However, the announcement did not necessarily provide clarity, as Reddit user Prsent_End_6886 puts it: What on earth is this supposed to do with the shared values exactly mean?

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However, developer Daybreak does not want to do without such mechanics completely, despite the withdrawal. There will be new loot boxes – only how they look is still open, Daybreak clarifies: We will be offering another box in the future with a similar format to previous boxes.

Looking into the crystal ball: Unfortunately, it is relatively difficult to assess what Daybreak means by that. But they probably refer to items that grant bonuses such as more experience, but do not intervene deeply in the endgame economy. Hopefully you’ve learned just how far you can go from the rebellion of your player base.

What do you think of loot boxes in Everquest 2 and in general? Do you agree with the reaction from the player base? Or maybe you don’t see the gaming advantages of real money boxes so critically? And what do you think the Everquest 2 developers have planned for the future of loot boxes? Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments!

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