20 Practical Hacks That Will Make Your Travels Easier

Traveling can be an amazing experience, but it can be challenging. Sometimes, you’ll have to deal with annoying situations that make your trip less fun or dangerous.

Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to make your travels easier and safer! Here are 20 practical hacks that will make your travels easier and safer:

Bring a Refillable Water Bottle.

Bringing a refillable water bottle is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your travels clean, healthy, and happy. Bring your own container to save money and avoid paying for bottled water at hotels and restaurants.

If you’re traveling with someone who doesn’t drink enough water on the road (or who prefers to drink other beverages), bring their favorite flavor from home! Or suppose you want to save the planet even more by reducing waste from single-use plastic bottles. In that case, plenty of reusable options are available at airports in major cities worldwide.

Use an App to Find Cheap Flights.

The travel apps we’ve listed below can help you find cheap flights. You can use them to compare flight prices and get alerts when prices change, letting you know if there’s a better deal out there.

Book your Flight Directly from the Airline’s Website.

Booking directly from the airline’s website is usually the best way to get a good deal. However, if you need clarification on booking directly from an airline’s website, don’t worry! These tips will help:

  • When booking online, ensure that the flight has no available seats before proceeding with your purchase. This will prevent you from paying for something that’s not available and save you some money.
  • Always check to see if there are any special fares available for this route before booking your ticket—and then only buy one of those tickets if there is one!

Wear your least Valuable Jewelry

If you’re traveling by plane, remember that your most valuable items will probably miss the airport security checkpoints. So instead of carrying around expensive and delicate pieces, put them in a bag or compartment that can be easily removed during the screening process.

If you’re worried about losing your jewelry while flying, don’t worry! There are many ways to keep it safe:

Wear only the least valuable pieces (like earrings) on the plane so they won’t get caught up in any parts of the aircraft’s interior.

Pack all jewelry into one bag before boarding to clarify who packed what when moving through security checkpoints.

Bring Snacks.

Pack snacks that are healthy and light. Snacks like nuts, dried fruit, and granola bars are good options to bring along with you on your journey. If you’re traveling with children, pack snacks that are easy for them to eat—but don’t go overboard with the sugar!

Bring something to keep yourself occupied during long flights. If you’re planning on taking a long flight or if it’s been a while since your last trip abroad (and therefore, hard for you to remember what goes with what), bring some magazines or books so that when boredom sets in during those long hours at the airport there will be something fun nearby.

Stuff Plastic Bags into your Shoes.

Use plastic bags to stuff into your shoes. If you’re planning on taking a lot of things with you on the road and don’t want to risk having them get lost in transit or damaged by baggage handlers, then this is the hack for you! Before leaving home, place several plastic grocery bags inside each shoe and tie them tight with string or rubber bands.

When packing for your trip, just stuff all those empty bags into every item that could use more space (like clothing). This will ensure that nothing gets lost or damaged during transit—and make sure it fits! If leftover holes are in the bag after removing it from its container, just seal them up with some tape before returning home so they don’t leak during travel time.

Roll up your clothes instead of folding them.

One of the best ways to keep your clothes from wrinkling is by rolling them. The best way to do this is by using a vacuum packing bag, which will keep the contents of your suitcase from getting crushed. Once you’ve rolled your items tightly and placed them in the bag, fold them up so that there are no creases or wrinkles on top of one another. Then place another towel over the top (or use several layers).

Once everything has been tight, remove any excess air from the suitcase before sealing it again with tape or ties around all edges so nothing can get inside! This extra layer of protection creates an environment where moisture cannot escape easily while traveling, thus preventing mildew buildup within the clothing and keeping clothes smelling fresh throughout transit time!

Use a Packing Checklist.

Use a packing checklist, so you remember everything. List items in order of importance, from the most important to the least.

Check off each item as you pack it, adding anything else necessary for your trip (like sunscreen or earplugs).

Keep your checklist somewhere safe—in your bag or on your phone—so you can refer back to it if necessary during your travels.

Keep your passport and other important documents in several places when you travel.

If you’re going to travel for long periods of time, it is important that you keep copies of your passport and other important documents in several places when traveling. This way, if anything happens to them during the trip (for example, their copy gets lost or stolen), there are still ways to get replacements quickly.

Buy a VPN Subscription.

Buying a VPN subscription has become an essential need while traveling. To keep your private data safe, to keep your identity secure, or to access geo-restricted content, you’ll need a VPN.

If you’re traveling to the USA and use public wifi at the airport or at Mcdonalds, your credentials will be saved in their database, which is unsafe.

Also, let’s suppose you want to watch your favorite “The Hustle” on DStv; how would you access DStv in USA as it is only available in South Africa? That’s where your VPN subscription will come in handy. Connecting to a South African server allows you to change your IP address and enjoy geo-restricted content easily.

Keep Mandatory Medicines With You.

Write down any medications or medical conditions before you leave home, so you’re prepared if you need anything at the airport or on the go.

It’s also important that people with chronic illnesses have copies of their medical history—especially if they have multiple doctors or care providers who can help manage those issues regularly.

When traveling abroad, keep the information from your passport ID page on a separate sheet of paper.

When you’re traveling outside of the country, it’s a good idea to keep a copy of all your personal information in case something happens to your passport. This will help you get a new one more quickly and avoid delays at the border.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, copy all the information from your passport ID page onto a sheet of paper and keep them separate when traveling abroad. Suppose anything happens, and someone steals or loses yours; they won’t have your personal data.

Purchase Travel Insurance.

Travel insurance is a must-have. It can be purchased online, at the airport, from your credit card company, and/or bank.

If you’re planning on traveling abroad with a specific amount of money in mind (for example: “I’m going to take three weeks off work and go to Thailand”), then purchasing travel insurance will ensure that none of those plans go away. You never know what happens the next moment.


It’s time to pack up and go! We hope you’ve learned a lot from this guide and found some new ideas for making your travels more enjoyable.

But remember: vacation is supposed to be fun! So, try to make it smooth with our 20 practical hacks that will make your travel easier.

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