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20 great deals on eco-friendly products to celebrate Earth Day

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Avocado green mattress on bed frame

Earth Day arrives on Monday, April 22, but you can participate now. At WIRED we value sustainability year-round, and right now you’ll find plenty of deals on our favorite eco-friendly gear. Be sure to check out our related buying guides, including the best reusable products, the best recycled and upcycled gear, the best clothing made from recycled materials, the best recycled backpacks, and the best eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

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Organic mattress deals

Organic mattresses are made without harsh chemicals that can have a harmful impact on the environment. Our guide to the best organic mattresses has more details and recommendations, but here are some of our favorites on sale.

Avocado Green

Photo: Melissa Krused/Avocado Mattress

Our top pick for organic mattresses meets the perfect criteria of “not too hard and not too soft.” After almost two years of testing, our reviewer says it doesn’t sink. Avocado’s non-toxic mattress is made from organic latex, wool and cotton. You can read more about this in our Mattress Buying Guide.

The Birch Luxe is one of our favorite organic mattresses and you’ll find it in our guide to the best mattresses. Although mattresses go on sale quite frequently, this price beats what we saw during Cyber ​​Monday. The offer also includes two free Eco-Rest pillows. This medium-firm model is especially ideal for side sleepers and the mattress is made from natural latex and wool.

This mattress appears in our Best Organic Mattress Buying Guide as the best flippable option. Most modern mattresses only have one sleeping side. This mattress has a “plush” side and a “firm” side. The company says there is an 18 percent difference between the two sides. we don’t notice it that a lot, but in any case, it’s nice to be able to turn the mattress completely. This model also has great edge support and a neutral sleeping temperature.

Organic Turmeric

Photography: turmeric

This organic mattress is made primarily of latex, with some layers of natural foam. That makes the bed less uncomfortable to transport and move than all-latex mattresses. You can configure the bed in several different ways to get custom firmness levels.

I tried this fantastic, flexible and affordable organic mattress. It is cheaper than many of its competitors. The bed offers support and bounce, with rigid edges. And I like that there are handles on the side; The company says you shouldn’t use them to transport the bed, but the handles give you something to hold on to when rearranging your room or moving.

Tech and home deals

Victrola Re-Spin Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable

Photography: Victrola

This small suitcase-style record player is made of 25 percent recycled plastic. We wrote a lot about the record player, but suffice it to say that it’s a fun device to take with you if you want to travel with your records and play them at a friend’s house (or in the park). It’s lightweight, easy to store, and is Bluetooth compatible, so you can play songs from your phone if you’ve already checked out your records.

The Nimble Champ is our favorite portable charger. It’s super lightweight, but packs a lot of power into a small package. Nimble uses bioplastics and minimal packaging to reduce its environmental impact. That’s why we also included it in our guide to the best recycled and upcycled products. This model has enough power to charge most smartphones two or three times.

The Nimble wireless charger is one of our top picks. The surface is made from recycled silicone, which attracts dust and lint and also keeps the phone securely in place. The rest of the charger is made of alloy and post-consumer plastic. This package includes a 20-watt wall charger.

Seljak ground blanket

Photography: Seljak

Unfortunately, this sale is the result of Seljak’s closure. That means the company will not accept any returns. But you can save money, while supplies last, on the entire Earth Blanket collection. We love these blankets for their warm, fun designs and because they are made entirely from recycled materials.

Lo & Sons Nouvelle (8/10, WIRED recommends) is a recycled bag made from recycled nylon and polyester. It also uses cactus instead of leather. It works dressed up or down and there’s enough room for essentials like your phone, e-reader and a random assortment of hair ties. (I can’t be the only one).

Another of our favorite recycled bags, this Targus is made from 20 recycled plastic water bottles. Arrives rolled in a recycled plastic package. Unroll the package and place it in your laptop pocket to give your bag more structure and protection.

Moment Tech Tote Bag

Photography: Moment

Our favorite tote bag has a recycled nylon exterior. It has excellent weight distribution and there are several interior pockets to help you stay organized, including a dedicated place for a 16-inch laptop. There is also a zipper closure at the top.

This bag is an honorable mention in our guide to the best laptop backpacks. It has a cavernous main compartment that can be closed with a zipper, plus a fleece-lined exterior pocket with a snap closure. It is made with recycled nylon and ripstop polyester. The bag can be used as a handbag or backpack.

A smart thermostat helps ensure you don’t waste energy or money. Your energy provider can sweeten this deal even further with a refund. This isn’t the smartest thermostat Google makes, but you can still use the Google Home app to schedule a time to turn down the heat at night. The thermostat will also lower the temperature automatically when you leave, so you don’t waste energy while you’re away.

EcoFlow Rio 2 Pro

Photography: EcoFlow

This is the most portable power station we have tested. Weighing 17 pounds and having a large handle, it’s easy to move. The battery has a capacity of 768 watt-hours and there are tons of ports to charge your gear, making the station ideal to have on hand for camping trips. It takes just over an hour to charge the station itself.

Fitness and health offers

Radical power electric bikes

Photography: Rad Power Bicycles

The RadRunner 2 for $1,299 ($100 off) is our top pick of the bunch, but all versions are on sale right now. We’ve seen the price drop before, but these deals are still worth checking out if you’re in the market. The RadRunner 2 is one of our favorite electric cargo bikes.

The Niu KQi3 Max (7/10, WIRED recommended) is an alternative to our favorite electric scooter. It is an improved version of the less expensive one. KQi3Pro, which is also on sale for $650 ($150 off). We like the Pro a little better, although the Max is better for people who live in particularly mountainous areas. These scooters offer great range for their price, but they are quite heavy.

This is a solid deal for Heybike Tyson (6/10, wired review). The comfortable fat-tire model makes our list of the best budget electric bikes. It’s pretty heavy, weighing 77 pounds, but it has a powerful 750-watt motor, plus nifty features like a plush seat and a fully loaded dashboard.

Klean Kanteen

Photography: Amazonas

He Klean Kanteen Classic Bottle It’s one of our favorite reusable water bottles and it drops to $28 after you enter the coupon code EARTH24. The coupon works on almost everything, including interchangeable caps if you want a straw or spout instead of a twist-on lid.

This is our favorite menstrual cup. Menstrual cups are better for the planet than tampons or disposable pads, and this sale is a great time to try one if you’re curious. The cup is thin and flexible, making it especially ideal for beginners.

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