178 New COVID Cases, Shanghai Disney Closed (Again)

Shanghai Health Commission reported a total of 20 locally transmitted COVID-19 cases and 158 local asymptomatic cases this morning, Tuesday, November 29.

Out of the 178 cases, 172 were positive for central quarantine and 6 during regular screening.

That is 34 more cases than yesterday’s 144 – an increase of 24%.

There are six additional community cases.

New Shanghai cases by district…The 3 local cases that tested positive outside central quarantine were in the following areas:

1 in Qingpu

1 in Songjiang

1 in Xuhui

The 17 local cases that tested positive in central quarantine were in the following areas:

5 in Pudong

5 in Songjiang

3 in Putuo

2 in Minhang

1 in Baoshan

1 in Yangpu

The 3 local asymptomatic cases that tested positive outside central quarantine were in the following areas:

2 in Hongkou

1 in Qingpu

The 155 local asymptomatic cases that tested positive in central quarantine were in the following areas:

43 in Pudong

17 in Jiading

14 in Minhang

14 in Songjiang

12 in Qingpu

11 in Jing’an

8 in Baoshan

7 in Xuhui

6 in Jinshan

5 in Changning

5 in Yangpu

4 in Huangpu

4 in Putuo

3 in Fengxian

2 in Hongkou

6 new community cases…The six new COVID-19 community cases live in Hongkou, Qingpu, Songjiang and Xuhui districts.

They had also been to six other places, so there was a lot to go.

We’re talking multiple restaurants, shops, malls, office buildings and other communities across Baoshan, Changning, Hongkou, Huangpu, Jiading, Jing’an *pauses for breath* Minhang, Pudong, Putuo, Qingpu and Songjiang districts.

Oi vey…

The big two spots being flagged are an Apple Store in Vanke Mall in Minhang and a cinema at 1018 Changning Lu in (you guessed it) Changning – but it’s safe to say a whole load of crimson codes will be pinging off on phones all across the city.

Disney closed (again )…

Mickey Mouse, despite his happy-go lucky demeanor and unquestionable Guanxi has yet again been a cropper in pandemic management.

Disney Castle has again drawn up its drawbridge. No word on when the Happy will return to The Happiest Place on Earth.

Animal parks reopen…It’s like Grandma always said – one theme park door closes, two animal park doors open. 

After being closed for the weekend by a guest who tested positive, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park as well Shanghai Wild Animal Park are now back in normal operation.

48-hour negative test required… pretty much everywhereAs of today, Tuesday, November 29, you’ll need a 48-hour code to enter *checks notes* pretty much everywhere in Shanghai.

Here is the complete list of 48-hour codes that require places:

Restaurants & bars

Shopping complexes

Department stores


Wet markets

Hair & beauty salons

Bath houses

Massages parlors

Performance and entertainment venues

Attractions for tourists


Art galleries


Internet Bars

Also, pending test results no longer have validity for entry to the above locations or on-the-spot Antigen tests.

Public transport and other venues (what other venues?!) A 72-hour negative report and proof of PCR test will be required.

The policy will be modified based on the emergence of a pandemic, as always.

Beijing numbers up 13%…After a surprising fall yesterday, Beijing reported 4,386 cases this morning, up 498 from yesterday’s 3,888 – an increase of 13%.

Guangzhou cases fall… againGuangzhou reported 7,279 new cases this morning, a decrease of 86 from yesterday’s 7,365.

Three Guangzhou districts – Baiyun, Panyu and Tianhe – remain under ‘Strict Control of Personal Movement.’

Residents have been told to work from home, should not leave their homes unless absolutely necessary and should avoid gathering in groups.

Guangdong reclaim COVID Crown…A dramatic 24 hours in the China COVID Cup – seems the pressure of being China COVID No.1 proved too much for Chongqing, whose numbers fell 893 to 8,792, meaning their stay at the top of the table lasted just 24 hours.

It was, of course, Guangdong – with 8,893 cases – who claimed back their crown.

So was Chongqing’s plucky challenge a mere blip on Guangdong’s unassailable coronavirus dominance? Do we really have a legitimate two-horse title contest? How do we keep a growing Beijing out of the fray?

For the latest updates, check back tomorrow.

China COVID hot spots…Below is a list of places that reported 1,000 or more COVID-19 cases yesterday – locally transmitted and asymptomatic combined – that you would be best advised to avoid like the… like the you know what:

8,893 Guangdong

8,792 Chongqing

4,386 Beijing

1,583 Sichuan

1,470 Shanxi

1,014 Xinjiang

Total China cases fall…The total cases recorded in China yesterday was 38,421, down 1,631 from the previous day’s 40,052.

That’s a fall of 4% – well strike us down with a feather…

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[Cover image via NIAID-RML]

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