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17 million downloads: New app from the TikTok makers conquers the app stores – soon here too? – WhatsNew2Day


Lemo8 will soon be the new TikTok? At least in the USA and the UK, the number of members is currently rising steeply.

The new mobile app Lemon 8 is currently becoming more and more successful – at least in the USA. But: What exactly is Lemon8?

Lemon8 in numbers: Loud Apptopia To date, Lemon 8 has been downloaded 17 million times worldwide – 650,000 thousand times in the USA within just one week.

The majority of the downloads were made in Japan – accordingly: About a quarter of the current users are users from Japan. The app was released in March 2020; however, it has only been available in the US and UK since February of this year.

When is Lemon8 coming to Germany? It is not yet known when the app will be launched in Germany.

What is Lemon 8?

Lemon 8 is owned by ByteDance; it’s the same company behind global social media hit TikTok.

Lemon 8 is published by a company called Heliophilia Pte., Ltd. based in Singapore. According to an article in the New York Times Lemon8 works with the same algorithms that have already helped TikTok to conquer the world.

How does Lemon 8 work? Basically, Lemon 8 works like a mix between TikTok videos and Instagram photo tiles. Similar to TikTok, there is a feed enriched with personalized recommendations and a feed filled with the content of the accounts that users follow.

Lemon 8’s user interface is aesthetically comparable to Pinterest’s.

The account lemon8_singapore offers insights into the new app from the TikTok makers.

The account “lemon8_singapore” offers insights into the new app from the TikTok makers.

Who is Lemon 8 for?

  • generation question: The app is aimed in particular at users of Generation Z. Gen Z includes those people who were born between 1997 and 2012; Gen Z sees itself as the successor generation to Millennials (born between the early 1980s and late 1990s).
  • What content is offered (so far)? Currently, a lion’s share of content focuses on the areas of health, fashion, life hacks, holiday videos or fitness tips; the app is primarily aimed at young, female users. If the app continues to increase in popularity, the range of topics will probably also increase.


How stern.de reported, the creators behind Lemon8 are planning an advertising offensive for May of this year in order to push the app even more into the limelight of the networked world public. In other words, the app is intended to increase its level of awareness with the help of a large-scale advertising campaign.

Which apps do you personally use to keep up to date with news from the fields of technology, gaming and the like. Do you let off steam creatively generating your own content – or are you more of a passive user, always on the lookout for the next ingenious content. Feel free to exchange ideas in our comments!

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