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17 games will leave the PlayStation Plus service next month, June. Here is the list.. | -WhatsNew2Day


Every month with the update service games library PlayStation Plus With the addition of new titles, some titles that have expired in the game library will be removed at the same time.

During the current month of May, there were more than 30 games that left the service, including large titles, and this may be the largest batch that is monitored for titles leaving the service since its inception. Next month, June (6), there will also be a new batch of games that will leave the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium games library, and although they are large, they will not reach the size of the list of titles that left this month.

16 games will leave the PlayStation Plus service in June 2023

  1. Descenders
  2. Party Hard
  3. Monkeys of Shaolin
  4. Ash of Gods Redemption
  5. Fire Pro Wrestling World
  6. Black Mirror
  7. Wychwood
  8. John Wick Hex
  9. KeyWe
  10. No Straight Roads
  11. Grid2
  12. Dever’s Lone Wolf Console Edition
  13. Agents of Mayhem
  14. Gods will fall
  15. Red Faction
  16. Red Faction II
  17. Redeemer Enhanced Edition

You can view the titles that are preparing to leave the monthly service through the Last Chance to Play window, which is updated on a monthly basis at the same time as previous games are removed, so that subscribers have only one month to try these games and perhaps finish some of them if they are short games.

Today, the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium games library has been updated by adding 18 main titles and 4 classic titles available for download to subscribers of the two packages, and you can view the full lists here..

Also, subscribers to the Essential package get 3 monthly titles separate from the monthly Extra and Premium game library updates. You can check out the games for the month of May here.

Also, today, 31 different games were removed from the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium game library, which you can view here. In addition to removing the PS Plus Collection games, which include 20 different games, they were removed on May 9.

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