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17 awesome management games for armchair tycoons

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17 awesome management games for armchair tycoons

Before children and With other responsibilities, when I was regularly gaming until the wee hours of the morning, playing management simulators was one of my favorite activities. I spent countless days building Sim Tower, simcityand theme park. I ran a study in The moviesran a menagerie in Zoo Tycoonand built the pyramids in Pharaoh. My villains lairs in Dungeon Keeper 2 and evil genius They were incomparable. I built impregnable castles in Strengthand I sank for days in Game developer history—a game about how to create games.

These games are the perfect complement to the multiplayer madness and offer an absorbing table of escapism for one. As the kids have gotten older, I’ve found myself with a little more time to scratch that management and building itch, and these are the games that have sucked me back in.

A note to potential players: while there are often console versions, you tend to get better controls and more depth if you play on PC.

Updated June 2024: We added several games including Against the storm, noble lords, and galactic, Swapped out a couple of titles for newer releases and updated details and pricing.

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