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14 great deals from the Sony Days of Play sale

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What better way to start the summer than spending time indoors, progressing levels and fighting epic bosses? He Sony Play Days Sale has arrived, bringing with it discounts on games, consoles, PlayStation Plus subscriptions and more. These deals last until June 12, although individual discounts may expire as supplies run out. We’ve rounded up our favorite price drops below.

Be sure to check out our lists of the best PS5 games, best PSVR 2 games, and best PS5 accessories for additional recommendations and helpful tips.

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Console and accessory offers

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This is one of the absolute best discounts we’ve seen for the Sony PlayStation 5 (8/10, WIRED recommends). We reviewed the original version; This discount is for the Slim version, which has more storage and a slightly different design than the original. The console is fantastic overall, with incredible graphics and a DualSense controller that helps make gaming experiences more immersive. For $50 less, you can get the PS5 Digital Edition (on sale for $400). This may be a better choice if your game library is mostly digital. You can always add a external drive for around $80, although we think it’s worth shelling out the extra $50 for the version with the included drive; It will save you money in the long run, rather than purchasing the unit separately. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that if you buy directly through Sony, you’ll get 12 months of Netflix Premium for free.

The Sony PSVR 2 (8/10, WIRED recommended) comes with a few surprises, considering the fact that it costs as much as a new console. But this is one of the best deals we’ve seen on headsets, and if you like virtual reality gaming, this is a great option. It’s easy to use and convenient to carry, and the game library is always expanding. Check out our guide to the best PlayStation VR games for a list of our favorites. Note that for $50 more, you can get the Sony PSVR 2 included with Mountain called horizon—It’s a fun flagship with many immersive elements. Note that if you purchase directly through Sony, you’ll get a year of Netflix Premium for free.

Add some sparkle to your console with these discounted cases. The deal isn’t that incredible, but the color selection is. Installation is easy: simply remove the white panel that came with your console and attach the new one. Our list of the best PS5 accessories has more options.

Game and subscription offers

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This is one of the best PlayStation 5 games you can play. You’ll be able to fight bad guys like Peter Parker and Miles Morales (although not simultaneously). The combat is fluid and the graphics are downright cinematic. Read more about the game in our glowing review and be sure to check out our list of tips before you start tossing and swinging.

You’ve probably already played The Last of Us: Part II (Wire Review). If you haven’t, firstly, what are you doing with your life and secondly, now is the time? on sale for $40, a $20 discount. If you haven’t played the sequel yet, you can also get it for a cheaper price than usual. It follows in the footsteps of the original (sometimes good, sometimes bad) and takes place four years after the first game ends. It’s gruesome and gratuitously violent. We still think it’s worth playing.

This excellent title goes deeper into narrative detail than previous games in the series, resulting in what we believe is a better, more complete experience. God of War: Ragnarök It also has more than 60 accessibility options. It’s a worthwhile game, especially if you’ve played others in the series, and especially at this price.

Forbidden West Horizon It keeps players involved in the narrative for a few hours before releasing them into its open world. Courtesy of Sony

More game deals:

Please note that you may need to log in to view these offers. Sony is offering tiered discounts on 12-month PlayStation Plus memberships. You can save 20 percent on PlayStation Plus Essential ($64), 25 percent on PlayStation Plus Extra ($101), and 30 percent on PlayStation Plus Premium ($112). All of these memberships will be set to renew automatically, so set a reminder to cancel if you don’t want to pay full price next year. Learn more about the tiers and their differences in our PlayStation Plus guide.

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