14 Cameroonians die in a landslide at a funeral.

Rescuers searching for dozens of people have reported them missing after a landslide in Cameroon’s capital Yaoundé.

A landslide during a funeral ceremony in Cameroon’s capital has killed at least 14 people, the regional governor said, as rescuers continue to search for dozens of people still missing.

The disaster struck on Sunday as people gathered on a soccer field at the base of a 20-meter-high embankment in Yaoundé.

Witnesses told the Reuters news agency that the embankment collapsed on dozens of people.

“In the place we counted 10 bodies, but before our arrival they had already taken four,” said Paul Bea, governor of the Center region that includes Yaoundé.

“There are also a dozen serious cases scattered in hospitals,” he said.

The governor described the area where the landslide occurred as a “very dangerous place” and encouraged people to stay away from the Damas district on Yaoundé’s eastern outskirts.

Among those who survived was Marie Claire Mendouga, 50.

“We had just started to dance when the floor collapsed,” he told AFP.

She said she “went digging with my hands” to try to get people out from under the ground, and she was still covered in the brown clay from the site.

Landslides occur relatively frequently in Cameroon, but are rarely as deadly as Sunday’s incident in Yaoundé.

Forty-three people died in the western city of Bafoussam in 2019, when a landslide triggered by heavy rain swept away a dozen precarious houses built on the side of a hill.

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