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’13 Reasons Why’ Star Tommy Dorfman Reveals Meager First Season Earnings: ‘This Is Why We Strike’


Amid the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, actors have been taking to social media to reveal how little they are earning working on film and TV productions, as well as their paltry broadcast residuals. On Monday night, 13 reasons why star Tommy Dorfman became the latest actor to shed light on how much they made working on a hit show.

Post in your threadsDorfman, who played Ryan Shaver in the first two seasons of Netflix 13 reasons why, revealed what he was paid overall for working on the first season of the teen drama, unlike other actors posting on TikTok and elsewhere who have posted their residual checks that have been counted in pennies. “My earnings from the entire first season of 13 reasons why it was $29,953.24 before agency and manager fees (20%) and taxes. 8 episodes over six months,” Dorfman wrote.

He added: “I did all the promotion and had KEY ART for this show, I flew back and forth from New York to San Francisco to film each episode, they kept me for days without pay or work. I barely qualified for insurance. Within the first 28 days of launch, Season 1 of the show garnered a total of 476 million hours of viewing. That’s why we’re on strike. @sagaftra”.

A host of actors have gone public with their streaming earnings. Earlier this month, We are star Mandy Moore said the hollywood reporter who has received checks ranging from one cent to 81 cents in exchange for the hit show’s broadcast deal with Hulu. Actor Sean Gunn also said THR he had seen little to nothing in the waste of Warner Bros. Discovery-produced gilmore girls streaming on Netflix.

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