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13 London, Ont. schools follow lead of persevering students to establish girls’ softball teams | Breaking:


After seeing the big turnout of girls who wanted to play in the first ever girls softball team of AB Lucas Secondary School last year, Avery Inkster didn’t want to lose momentum.

The 16-year-old, who last year led the team with her friend Amelia Baragar, persevered — not only did she get a full 20-member girls’ softball team for the Lucas Vikings, but their efforts motivated 13 other London high schools. to form their own teams

“It was one of those battles where we thought, ‘We’re not going back,'” she said. “We want this sport in our high school and if other schools have it, why can’t we? If the boys have a baseball team, we deserve a fastball team.”

The only caveat is that the Thames Valley Regional Athletics (TVRA) council has not yet formally recognized them as an official sport. That means the girls didn’t get any money for equipment, tournament fees, and team uniforms.

They took matters into their own hands and organized a fundraiser to cover the costs. They raised over $500, covering all their expenses for the season.

Not surprisingly for Inkster, about 40 young women showed up for the tryouts in March and were able to secure two coaches who organized seven tournaments against different schools.

Sport is gaining popularity, says coach

The Lucas girls softball team with their coaches Tara Wade, far left, and Cory Claypole, far right. The coaches work with other schools to get the sport recognized by TVRA (Isha Bhargava/CBC)

Grade 9 student Lexi Webster is one of the youngest players on the team. She played the sport in elementary school, but when she learned she would be able to continue playing in high school, Webster was over the moon.

“This has a huge impact,” Webster said. “I know so many girls from my primary school who are really excited to continue their prom journey and it’s such an inspiration to be around girls older than me who are so supportive of me.”

When the students approached math teacher Tara Wade and parent volunteer Cory Claypole to coach the teams, they couldn’t refuse after seeing the girls’ dedication, Wade said.

“Just the persistence of the girls – they really wanted this and I could see there was a need for it,” she said.

“Girls’ fastball is on the rise across the county and enrollment has increased this year. I think the sport is gaining popularity and I think it will only continue to grow in the years to come.”

LOOK | Lucas girls softball team scores a home run:

13 London Ont schools follow lead of persevering students

Lucas girls softball will compete against St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School

The Lucas Vikings score a home run playing against St. Thomas Aquinas at Northridge Field Diamonds.

Claypole and Wade are working with coaches from other schools to get TVRA softball recognized, and Wade said with continued interest from students, it’s only a matter of time before the sport is considered official.

“I think we have to jump through some hoops, but I don’t think they’re any different than the hoops boys baseball went through a few years ago. We’re just trying to follow the process, we definitely want to be recognized.” .”

The camaraderie of the team is what attracted Danika Eden, 16, to join. Eden said she hopes the team can be recognized and grow in the years to come.

“It’s 2023 and I think we need recognition because we’ve all put in that effort and hard work,” said Eden.

“We come here every day with a smile on our face and energy, we are ready to go out and give it our all,” added Webster.

The Vikings will take on East Elgin Secondary School and Lord Dorchester Secondary school in their final tournament on Wednesday in Woodstock.

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