12 Types of Suits for Men: A Guide to Men’s Suit Styles

When it comes to dressing well, there is no doubt that men are far less interested in finding their own unique style than women. The main reason for this is the fact that men simply care less about clothing than women do.

If you look at clothes throughout history, you will find that clothes have largely been made with women in mind. Men typically just wanted something functional and practical enough to keep them warm or cool depending on the season or working conditions.

The key difference here is that clothes were simply tools for men rather than a means of expressing themselves through fashion like how clothing has historically been used by women as a form of artistic expression.

With so many men suits styles, choosing the best style for your body type and occasion can be overwhelming. To help you make a decision on which one suits you best, we have created this list. With all of this being said, there are some basic elements to men’s suits styles that every man should be aware of.

1. The Single Breasted Suit

The single-breasted suit is the most popular type of men’s suits style and it is characterized by one row of buttons on the front with only one corresponding buttonhole on top.

This contrasts with the double-breasted style that has two rows of buttons, both corresponding to two matching buttonholes that overlap each other in the middle when they are fastened shut. The main reason for this difference is that traditional tailoring dictates it to be more aesthetically pleasing than simply doubling up all around.

2. The Double Breasted Suit

If you are wondering what your grandfather kept locked up in his closet wearing a fedora, then it is most likely the double-breasted suit.

The double-breasted jacket is characterized by a dramatic overlap of both sides of the front of the jacket over each other, creating overlapping rows of buttons that are typically six or eight in total. This style is known for being very formal and even tuxedo jackets are more commonly made with this type of styling today rather than the single-breasted approach.

3. The Two Button Suit

The two-button suit is one step down from the three-button suit but it still remains quite fashionable among men’s suits styles to have these extra features that go beyond two buttons on each side.

Typically speaking, it makes you seem slimmer and taller when compared to just having a line of buttons along with the coat that simply ends without an upper row of buttons.

4. The Three-Button Suit

Typically speaking, most men’s suits styles with three buttons will have a smaller row of two on the top and a third button right below it to give a subtle triangle shape around the coat when it is closed shut. This creates a slightly more formal look for this type of style and it tends to be the most fashionable choice among businessmen today.

5. The Four Button Suit

The four-button suit is far less common among men’s suits styles but it still exists as one option for those who want something more than just having their jacket created with only three rows of buttons on each side. There are some popular variations that exist with the four-button suit though and it tends to make you look slightly taller than having a three-button coat.

6. The Double Vented Suit

The double vented suit is one of the more popular choices among modern fashion for men’s suits styles, especially when compared to older variations from decades ago that were quite dated by comparison.

Also known as the side vent, this variation features two slits at each side where you can see straight through vertically down by your legs making them far more stylish than just a single slit or having no vents at all.

7. The Single Vented Suit

This type of style typically has just a single slit open on each side and this creates a much more slimming effect for a man’s body, especially if you are a bigger guy. The single slit on the side of the suit coat is also known as a ventless style and it can look more formal depending on how it is made by the designer.

8. The Zipper Suit

This variation is named as such because there is actually a zipper that goes down from your neck downwards to your lower torso which gives you easy access to remove this type of men’s suits style without having to struggle with buttons or other types of ties.

This might be appealing to some people but keep in mind that zippers only break over time and they don’t really have an elegant look when compared to traditional stitching styles.

9. The One Button Suit

While some one-button suits are actually based on the double-breasted variety, most of them are just a single row of buttons that are typically represented by a single large dot right in the center of the coat where the rows would normally be found on other jackets. This can give off somewhat of an odd look that isn’t as refined or classy looking as some other choices among men’s suits styles today.

10. The Notch Lapel Suit

The notch lapel is one of the more popular variations among modern men’s suits styles because it features a rounded neckline with two cuts on either side which gives you movement when compared to wearing something like a center slit or notch lapel jacket.

Some people think it’s slightly dated because there are many other options available but others will tell you it simply looks better than some of the other choices around today.

11 . The Peak Lapel Suit

The peak lapel has always been one of the most popular styles among men’s suits styles and it features slightly rounded edges that rise upwards towards the top portion of your torso.

This makes for an elegant look that can also give off somewhat of an older feel compared to having something like a notch lapel which is more modern in style, mostly due to its popularity throughout the decades since it has been widely used.

12. The Shawl Lapel Suit

This is one of the rarer types among men’s suits styles today and it features what looks like ruffles around the neckline when compared to any other style. It is supposed to mimic how you look informal gowns but when done wrong, it can make you look like some sort of circus performer which isn’t exactly attractive by most people’s standards.

If you’ve ever shopped for a suit, you know it can be difficult to find the perfect one. Not only do suits come in all shapes and sizes, but there are also many different styles of suit jackets that dictate how they should look on your body. We hope this article has helped provide some clarity into which style might work best for you or your customer.

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