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11 Signs you Must Look for in a Plan Manager

NDIS, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a government initiative providing financial assistance to Australians with a disability. If NDIS has approved you for funding, you may wonder if you need an NDIS plan manager. If you have decided on the same, here are the top eleven signs you must look for in an NDIS plan manager.

Who is a Plan Manager?

Plan Managers are the intermediaries who handle your NDIS funding on your behalf. They are responsible for paying your service providers with NDIS funds and advising you on what you can and cannot spend your funding on.

The NDIS will include funding in your plan to pay for a plan manager who pays the NDIS providers on your behalf, assists you in managing your finances, and handles financial reporting. This service will get covered by your plan’s Improved Life Choices category. It indicates that you can utilise registered or unregistered providers and that the plan manager handles all the documentation and payment of the bills.

A Plan Manager is Accountable for the following:

  1. Receiving invoices:
  • Directly from a provider
  • Through the participant
  1. Claiming funds from the NDIS Portal
  2. Paying invoices
  3. Giving the participant a monthly statement that includes:
  • A summary of expenditures (spending)
  • A breakdown of remaining budget totals (amount of funding remaining).

Signs of a Good Plan Manager

1. Credentials

You must confirm that your plan manager is qualified because they will manage your funds. Before managing your funds, they must first register with the NDIS. Ensuring that your plan with manager accounting or bookkeeping experience is crucial. They must know how to deal with bills, taxes, and NDIS funding.

2. Know about NDIS Thoroughly

It extends beyond the accounting aspect of things. Your plan manager must be well knowledgeable about the NDIS. A good plan manager will offer recommendations based on the NDIS framework and alternate methods for obtaining funds under specific categories. They should also try their best to explain the NDIS to you.

3. Understand your Needs

Make sure the plan manager you select has a thorough awareness of the particulars of your situation. They must be capable of comprehending your disability and how you can cooperate. Does a hearing issue, for instance, make using the phone challenging? If yes, you might choose to communicate with everyone via email. Your plan manager should collaborate to ensure that the relationship benefits you and that you receive what you require.

4. Understand your Goals

Understanding your goals is one of the most vital signs of an experienced and accurate NDIS plan manager. Goal-setting is crucial when you initially sign up with a new plan manager. Do you want to try something new, or do you want to hone a specific skill set? A professional NDIS plan manager will know your objectives and make every effort to assist you in using your funding to achieve them.

5. Access to Reliable Technology

A payment portal that can handle interacting with many NDIS providers is what you need. Many plan managers use technology to guarantee prompt payments and participant access to funds. Ensure your plan manager’s technology lets you check in and monitor your spending in real-time. Additionally, you want to be sure that your suppliers get paid promptly.

6. Trustable

The trust factor is the most significant aspect. Trust is essential because your NDIS Plan Manager is managing your funding. You must be confident they will cooperate to accomplish your goals and have your best interests in mind. They should be one of your most dependable allies and have your back. Additionally, you should have a personal plan manager assigned to you, and you should be aware of their hours of availability. If they are ill or away, you must get provided with a substitute supporter.

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7. Flexible Invoice Approval Options

A competent plan manager must provide flexibility for invoice approvals because each participant has unique circumstances and preferences.

For instance, clients who receive numerous services might not want the effort of examining and approving each invoice. As a result, flexible support allows users to specify a “limit amount with no permission necessary” or “no invoice approval required.”

On the other hand, participants can choose to quickly approve all invoices by email or mail if they would rather be more hands-on.

8. Ensure Sufficient Funds

Even a seemingly minor support adjustment can unintentionally impact your finances. So, your plan manager must ensure sufficient funds. When you have a new service agreement, your plan manager must check in with the providers with the participants’ permission. By taking this extra step, you may ensure that the services you choose will get paid for throughout the life of your NDIS plan.

9. Explaining Nature

Making things as simple to grasp as possible is essential because the NDIS may get complicated for participants.

For instance, plan managers or support coordinators must inform you of any “gap fees.” Although the NDIS establishes cost caps, providers may charge more than these. “Gap fee” refers to this additional expense. To identify out-of-pocket expenses, your plan manager should conversate with the most recent NDIS price guides.

10. Update on your Funding

Plan managers closely monitor your funds and offer you updates on them regularly. They will assist you in budgeting your money to last the entire year. Plan managers will assist you in making the most of your money by anticipating your spending.

11. Negotiate

Plan managers should know how to bargain with service suppliers over prices. It indicates that they can assist in negotiating a lower price with the service provider than things listed in the NDIS price guide and support catalogue.

Connect with an Experienced Plan Manager at Sky Plan Management

A plan manager is responsible for overseeing all of your NDIS funds and ensuring that your service providers get paid. They will manage your financial planning, track your funds, and use your budget to pay suppliers.

If you are looking for an NDIS plan manager sydney, look no more because our experts from Sky Plan Management remain just a consultation away from helping you manage your NDIS plan efficiently.


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