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11 new trailers you should check out this week

I fully expected to write a note this week about how the COVID-19 pandemic largely halted trailer production, but it turned out that my assumption was incorrect. While things have certainly slowed down, streaming services are almost keeping up with the new releases on their own. If anything, this is a great time for them to debut a new show or series as everyone is stuck inside.

That said, we’ll see how long this takes. Productions are halted for health reasons, and it seems like every major movie coming out in the coming months will be delayed. So there may come a time when the backlog of content is thinning. I’m sure it will take a bit before we see tent pole movie trailers.

For now, it’s a good time to catch up on some old movies that you haven’t seen in a while, or watch a show that you have never been around. My wife and I have been busy for almost a season now The sopranos, something we recently have time to look through. Aside from the sometimes odd 90s music choices, it’s pretty good.

Watch 11 trailers this week and last week below.

Eve kill

While I’ve heard the second season of the show didn’t live up to its beloved first run, this season three teaser is from Eve kill looks beautifully styled, fun and dramatic. The show returns on April 12.


Blackish creator Kenya Barris has a new comedy series on Netflix about life as a successful black artist in Hollywood. Barris stars as a fictionalized version of herself, with Rashida Jones playing his wife. From the first moment of this trailer, it seems that the show is off to a strong start. It debuts on April 17.

Tiger tail

Master of none co-creator Alan Yang makes his feature film debut with Tiger tail, a beautifully made film about a Taiwanese factory worker who moves to America. It’s coming to Netflix on April 10.


Greg Daniels, who directed the American version of The office, is back with a new sitcom for Amazon. upload is about people who live in a digital ‘afterlife’ after their consciousness has been uploaded for death. So far, it seems like an excuse to make some pretty low-hanging tech jokes (hilarious, there are in-app purchases …). The show debuts on May 1.

The big

Hulu has a ridiculous-looking comedy from the period when Elle Fanning stars as Catherine the Great. It’s hard not to think about it The favorite while watching, but that’s not a bad thing – the series comes from one of the film’s co-writers. The show debuts on May 15.

Defend Jacob

Chris Evans plays a father whose child has been charged with murder in this upcoming Apple TV Plus series. It’s based on a crime novel, and yes … I just went on and read the whole synopsis on Wikipedia to find out if he did it or not. The show debuts on April 24.


The premise of Run is super two – two exes follow an old deal to drop everything, reunite and run away together when their lives get boring – but the actual performance looks surprisingly fun and vibrant. It comes out on April 12.

The Willoughbys

Netflix is ​​changing Lois Lowry’s The Willoughbys in an animated movie, and while it may seem like the movie is filled with fairly conventional children’s humor, the animation has a complicated stop-motion-like appearance. It comes out on April 22.

Poor education

Even though Netflix has made streaming straight to streaming movies a normal thing, I’m still a bit skeptical of movies going straight to HBO. But that said, I really like this trailer Poor education, which is based on a real story about a beloved school principal whose years of theft are revealed. It comes out on April 25.

Most dangerous game

I am completely obsessed with watching Quibi trailers in a “let’s see how much of a mess this is going to be”. Most dangerous game is a film “in chapters” of maximum 10 minutes. There are two major stars in the lead role, and despite my assumptions, it seems like a pretty normal action movie. It’s coming to Quibi on April 6, when the service is launched.

Murder House Flip

Speaking of Quibi … here’s the trailer of what is probably the craziest show. I absolutely hate that this will probably be the biggest hit.