11 new trailers that you have to watch this week

I could finally see Goodbye the other week. It is a beautiful, funny, silent film that knows how to do so much in such a small story about a family trying to keep a secret from a grandmother.


One of the things that makes Goodbye so wonderful is how it gets lost in translation stories on their heads. The main character, Billi, falls into a culture that she doesn't fully understand. But the film offers both perspectives at the same time: her family may be weird for performing this extended lie, but it is Billi who is really weird because she doesn't understand why they would all want it.

That makes for some wonderful comedy and genuine moments. It is also very something that American cinema in the last decades largely could not have produced because of how insular the industry is and unwanted because of unknown stories.

View 11 trailers of this week below.

Knives out

There is a new trailer for this Knives out, The immediate succession of Rian Johnson to The Last Jedi. It is a much smaller film that seems to be designed around letting a bunch of great personalities constantly discharge each other. It will be released on November 27.

The Secret Garden

The children's classic The Secret Garden gets a wonderful new adaptation that looks like it plays the magic elements and images of the story. It will be released sometime next spring.

Educate Dion

Michael B. Jordan manager produces (and appears shortly in) this new series about a young boy who is starting to develop super powers. Although many of the story beats are familiar ("the government must bring a special child"), it seems that the show may have a much more interesting emotional core behind those elements. It appears on October 4.



This show should not look so good anymore because I really don't want to subscribe to Apple TV Plus for a single series. But I am legitimately hyped Dickinson now. The show will premiere on November 1.

Living with yourself

This really foolish starting point – there are two Paul Rudds – could have been the intention for a totally good comedy, but Living with yourself seems to take that conceit in a much stranger and darker direction that looks like it could be even nicer. It appears on October 18.

dawn of the day

The field for this show seems to have been Ferris Bueller X Mad Max, and … what if that was actually a great idea? It will be out on October 24.

The Rhythm Section

Reed Morano, who is known for directing the first episodes of The maid's story, a new film is released that appears to be a punk rock revenge film with Blake Lively in the lead. It appears on January 31.

Life without papers

Netflix has an upcoming documentary that speaks to a number of unauthorized families living in the United States, showing the fears and challenges they face, just trying to live their lives, start a family, or go to school. It will be out on October 2.

Dark waters

The next movie out Carol director Todd Haynes is a legal thriller in which Mark Ruffalo plays a lawyer who sues DuPont for poisoning the water of a small town. It is based on a real lawsuit, which resulted in more than $ 670 million in payouts. The film appears on November 22.

In the tall grass

Netflix receives an adjustment from In the tall grass, the novel by Stephen King and Joe Hill about an inescapable, evil field. It is a ridiculous story to describe, but it looks like a good starting point. It appears on October 4.



This film is about people being killed by an app, which is also a demon. I love it.