11 Best Vacuums That Will Leave Your Home Spotless

Fact: The right vacuum makes cleaning the house faster, more efficient and much more satisfying. We’ve narrowed down the endless list of models to the 11 best vacuum cleaners to suit your preferences and needs, because the wrong vacuum cleaner can be the wrong roommate – it might be good, but you just know there’s another choice out there somewhere that would make you happier.

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How to choose the best vacuum cleaner

With the number of options, accessories and styles available, where do you even start? It’s simple: work backwards from your needs. Consider each of these aspects:

  • Weight: While a heavyweight upright is just as durable as a tank, it will be less attractive if you have to carry it up a flight of stairs every time you use it.

  • Size: Are you small? Or maybe you want to convince your little 8-year-old that vacuuming is fun? Then a smaller model might be something for you.

  • Operation: Does your house have different types of floors, thick pile carpeting? and indoor-outdoor mats? It helps to have an adjustable model that is suitable for each of these surfaces.

  • Accessories: Pet fur really accumulates on the upholstery, doesn’t it? And the baseboards collect so much dust. Speaking of which, how do you get to those hanging dust bunnies high up on the walls? All these problems are easily solved with the right accessories.

  • Battery life: vacuuming a car or garage? You want long-lasting power so you don’t have to charge halfway through.

  • Easy to clean: Simply put, do you want a vacuum that slides with you or one that requires a heavy push?

  • Warranty: Want to protect your investment? A brand’s warranty is an indication of whether you will pay more for expensive repairs in the long run.

Best vacuum cleaners

  1. Best choice: Eureka Upright Vacuum Cleaner

  2. Top choice, small: Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless

  3. Best Brand Accessories: Oreck Commercial XL Pro 5 Super Compact

  4. Easiest to Maneuver: Inse cordless vacuum cleaner

  5. Best lightweight: Dreame T20 cordless stick vacuum cleaner from Dreametech

  6. 6. Best Coverage: Miele Classic C1 Turbo

  7. Best for Pet Hair: Dyson V11 Torque

  8. Most portable: Black+Decker Vacuum Cleaner

  9. Most compact: Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner

  10. Best Value: Bissell Cleanview upright bagless

  11. Best Robot: Irobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Best choice



You must love a full size vacuum that weighs just 7.7 pounds like this model. It includes a washable filter and a bagless design, which we approve for its environmental and budget friendliness. The crevice tool and dusting brush supplied with the vacuum provide versatility and it has a powerful six amp motor.

$78 at Amazon


Top choice, small



The innovative design of this 3.84 pound vacuum is the main draw here: it converts seamlessly from a long-handled floor vacuum to a medium-handle stair vacuum to a portable dust collector vacuum. The bagless style means you’ll never have to buy bags again, and the crevice tool and nozzle allow you to reach every corner of the house, from the top of gathered curtains to that dusty floorboard.

$34 at Amazon



Weighing less than five pounds, this canister-style vacuum cleaner is easy to carry from room to room using the handle or shoulder strap. Upholstery enthusiasts will appreciate the many accessories included in the package, including a telescoping rod, an upholstery tool, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, a universal adapter and a detachable accessory caddy. And the floor cleaning nozzle has settings for hard floors and carpets, so you can adjust it from area rugs to hardwood floors.

$94 at Amazon


Easiest to maneuver


  • Sleek, modern design

  • HEPA filter


The Inse vacuum cleaner is easy to empty and easy to clean. It changes from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum in seconds and is light enough for floor-to-ceiling cleaning. The motorized brush head thoroughly picks up pet hair on the first pass. And, bonus: the machine’s 65-decibel noise is much quieter than most vacuum cleaners.

$120 at Amazon

Best lightweight


Long Life Battery

Wrap-resistant roll design



For a vacuum of less than four pounds, this model does so much. With 1200 watts of air it has a suction power greater than most vacuum cleaners and it switches between four levels so you can easily sweep your hardwood and your flokati with just the push of a button. The Dreame also comes with multiple brush heads, so you’ll never have to worry about goldfish cracker residue between the seats. In addition, it comes with a one-year warranty.

$349 at Amazon


Best Coverage



• The weight of 12.9 pounds may discourage some users

This German machine is known for its robustness and impressive suction power, thanks to its 1,200 watt motor. And the cleanliness goes beyond just the exterior surfaces; the AirClean exhaust filter leaves the air in every room you vacuum cleaner than when you started. Plus, the brand’s specially designed bags snap shut when you remove them, so there’s no chance of accidentally re-contaminating your room with the dust you just sucked up.

$399 at Amazon


The best for pet hair



No one knows the joys of a large vacuum cleaner as well as someone with a dog. As one of our dog mom editors explains, “Even if you don’t have a pet, a vacuum cleaner made specifically to pick up pet hair cleans like nothing else. My dog’s fur settles like tiny needles into all fabric surfaces, but this vacuum has been my saving grace. I use it on my carpets, hardwood floors, couch and even his dog bed – really, wherever I want, because the vacuum cleaner is cordless. I love that it can be converted from a regular vacuum cleaner to a mini handheld version with a click, drastically reducing my cleaning time.”

$739 at Amazon


Most portable


• Lightweight

• Large bowl capacity


• Slow charging speed

There’s no better handheld device for keeping those out-of-the-way spots tidy, from the car to the boat to the RV. At just over two pounds, sweeping this across the seat cushions won’t tire your arm and you can use the attached nozzle to tackle small nooks and crannies.

$62 at Amazon


Most compact


• Attractive design


• Needs a power source nearby

This little powerhouse delivers quite a bit of suction for its small size, thanks to the high torque of the plug-in motor. The Dirt Devil is a great option for a dorm room or mudroom where you keep the litter box as it can easily be tucked away in a cubicle.

$30 at Amazon


Best Value


  • Powerful suction cleans in one go

  • Washable filter helps reduce house dust and allergens

  • TurboBrush tool cleans upholstery


Maybe you want a vacuum that works well without costing more than $500, or maybe you need something lightweight that you can easily carry up and down the stairs? Bissell’s Cleanview Model is perfect for both scenarios. It’s super light and has powerful suction with OnePass technology, so you don’t have to vacuum the same spot multiple times. It also prevents dust and dirt particles from blowing back into the air via the suction motor, keeping allergies at bay. What we love the most is the detachable hose and the multiple tools it comes with for cleaning upholstery, dusting and in crevices (like between couch cushions or under baseboards). Best money we’ve ever spent.

$154 at Amazon


best robot


  • Three-stage cleaning system picks up dust and small particles

  • Intelligent sensors conduct vacuum under and around furniture

  • Works for up to 90 minutes before automatically docking and charging


Imagine binging Netflix and asking Amazon Alexa to vacuum your house for 90 minutes. Luxury. But it is really a reality with this robot vacuum cleaner. Thanks to Wi-Fi capabilities, the iRobot Roomba connects to Alexa and Google Assistant, so all you have to do is say the word and it will start cleaning up. It sweeps up everything from pet hair to large particles (think: rogue Cheerios under the table), and its clever sensors route it under and around furniture so it never gets stuck. In addition, the edge-sweeping brushes are specially designed at a 27-degree angle to sweep away dirt from those hard-to-reach corners. We honestly can’t put a price on never having to physically vacuum again.

$175 at Amazon

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