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10 new trailers that you have to watch this week

Every year prior to the Oscars, all animated and live action shorts are bundled and shown in theaters so that people have the chance to watch them. I always go see the animated ones, and they are always a beautiful, strange, beautiful and very mixed bag.

This year had some striking highlights: Hair love, who won, really deserves a job; and Kitbullfrom Pixar was heartbreaking and had the best animated cat I have ever seen. The other three had a nice animation – Daughter was my least favorite of the package, and even the one I admired for the way it brought natural, shaky camera movement to stop-motion animation, something I’ve never seen before.

The company that packs all the shorts together ensures that the running time is always compensated with a few other short films from the year that have not been nominated. They are usually considerably worse. But this year one of the bonus films was one of my favorites and deserved to be a contender. It is called Hors Piste, and it’s just six minutes of wonderfully goofy and perfectly executed slapstick comedy. I understand why it was not nominated. It is not ‘serious’, but that is precisely why it is so refreshing.

View 10 trailers of this week below.

The French shipment

This is pure Wes Anderson, and there is not much more to say. The film is about a fictional New Yorker-like magazine, and it also shows several of the (also fictional) stories that are published in the latest issue of the magazine. The trailer is impossible to follow because of how many stories are going on, but really, what difference does it make? It looks good. The film appears on July 24.

The green knight

Here’s the thing: after this trailer came out, I read the Wikipedia synopsis for the Green Knight story, and it’s just crazy. Nothing makes sense. But it seems that this film is playing in it? It will be out on May 29.

Strange things

We don’t have a release date for season four yet, but Netflix has pushed its first teaser Strange things“Next season this week and revealed the return of a clearly not dead character. It looks like we’re on our way to Russia this season.

The batter

This is not even a trailer, it is a ‘camera test’, which is a kind of ridiculous early release to include in a trailer roundup. But it’s for a big title, so here it is: a first look at Robert Pattinson as Batman. The film is currently scheduled to be released in June 2021.

The iron mask

This trailer is apparently for a movie with Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it is absolutely bizarre to see. The reason why: the distributor tries his best to hide that this is not really a film starring Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but a sequel to a Russian / Chinese film that happens to have the two action stars in small roles. It doesn’t look great, but I think that explains why.


The starting point is more than a little two, but it is worth keeping an eye on Run. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is an executive producer and plays a recurring role in the series, which seems to be a good reason to check in. The show debuts on April 12.

The personal history of David Copperfield

The most important thing you need to know The personal history of David Copperfield is that Charles Dickens’ adaptation is directed and co-written by Armando Iannucci, the maker of Veepand it looks just as ridiculous as you’d expect. The film will be released on 8 May.

Cut Throat City

RZA’s latest move T.I., Wesley Snipes and Ethan Hawke, among others, in a robbery film about four friends robbing a casino to stay afloat after New Orleans is hit by Hurricane Katrina. It will be out on April 10.


The only thing I can say is that this trailer did not go where I expected. Indiewire calls the movie a “genre thriller that cannot be classified entirely” and notes that it dominated the cash register in Brazil when it was released last year. Now it’s coming to the US, starting in New York on March 6.

chamois leather

You have to give this one minute, but it’s worth it. The film will be released on March 20.