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10 Important Tips for Keno Players

Keno is becoming increasingly popular for millions of eager players in places such as Australia and the US. It was originally an ancient Chinese game, spreading to the Western world during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Its similarity with the traditional lotto is a significant reason for its success. These games of chance have been incredibly popular for hundreds of years. News such as Katherine Jenkins becoming the National Lotto host proves that lottos are only getting more sought-after.

Nevertheless, keno is undeniably in its own lane and is often more enjoyable than simple lotto draws. Keep reading for ten important tips for keno players looking to optimise their strategy.

What is Keno?

Learning keno strategy won’t get you anywhere if you don’t actually know the rules. Fortunately, they are very easy. Head to a leading online platform to play keno and choose a variant to enjoy. Afterwards, you’ll simply need to choose up to ten numbers from a 1-80 grid. The game will then randomly select 20 numbers, and you’ll win a payout from each correct prediction.

10 Essential Keno Tips

While there aren’t as many keno tactics as there are with games like blackjack, you can still do plenty of things to help your chances. Here are ten essential keno tips:

#1: Learn the Rules Before Playing

It may sound simple, but you’d be surprised at the number of keno players who jump straight in without bothering to learn the rules. You must understand how to play the game before placing wagers. Otherwise, you could waste money via silly mistakes.

#2: Don’t get Tricked by the “Gambler’s Fallacy”

The “gambler’s fallacy” is a common mistake for beginners playing keno. You must remember that keno is an inherently random game. Just because a number keeps getting called while you’re playing, this doesn’t make it automatically nullified for the next round. Always remember that past events during keno won’t change the probability of certain numbers being picked in the future.

#3: Seek out the Best Online Keno Bonuses

Online keno is increasingly available, with various bonuses on offer as incentives. Make sure you shop around to find the most generous promotions, as this can greatly improve your bankroll.

#4: Keep a Close Eye on Your Bankroll

Speaking of bankroll, we cannot overstate the importance of keeping a close eye on your gambling funds. This is especially true while playing keno, as you can easily go several rounds without winning. Betting slow and steady is the best way to go, as it will keep you in the game for longer, ultimately increasing your chances of walking away with a payout.

#5: Choose Between Four and Eight Numbers

Most keno experts claim that the optimal selection is between four and eight numbers. Try and stick to this during most rounds. This gives the perfect balance between the amount wagered and the potential amount you could win.

#6: Find the Games With the Best Payouts

Not all online keno games have the same payouts nowadays. There are numerous options available, so make sure you’re choosing the games with the best payouts.

#7: Take Regular Breaks

Although it’s incredibly tempting to play keno for several hours with no breaks, this isn’t healthy. It can also work against you, as long sessions with no interruptions typically cost more. Try and take regular breaks while playing to conserve your bankroll and clear your head.

#8: Find a Friend to Play With 

Keno is commonly thought of as a single-player game, although it can easily be played with friends in the same way as bingo. Honing your keno strategy can be much easier with a friend or group of friends to play with. You can learn off each other and have an entertaining time while you do so. Even if you just play keno for fun with no money on the table, this can positively influence your chances playing real money keno later down the line. 

#9: Practice in Demo Mode

Practising your keno playing for free in demo mode is a no-brainer, especially for beginners. Although the rules aren’t particularly difficult to understand, you’ll still benefit from the practice. This is an even more notable tactic when playing new online keno variants. Sometimes, the rules can change slightly, so it’s worth playing without the financial risk first.