10 Best iPhone Pro Max Cases You can Find on Amazon 2023

Were you excited when Apple released four new models this fall? Yes, we were excited too. The iPhone came with many upgrades like the most unique 5-core redesigned CPU, an upgrade to the BT with 5.3, crash detection, etc.

The iPhone 14 pro max got the most significant bump, especially the 48 MP camera, which became the first time an upgrade is 4x the standard size. If you are on the 48 MP train and getting one, we urge you to buy a protective case for it ASAP, as these things are pretty expensive. To help you out, here is a list of the classiest ones you can find on the Amazon store.

1. iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case – Mkeke

Let’s start with Mkeke, one of the best brands for clear solid plastic cases on Amazon store, which you can find in gradient transparent colors like black, purple, red, and green.

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The best features of Mkeke’s 14 Pro Max case are that you must buy for as follows:

  • Crystal clear outlook, restoring the beauty of simplicity
  • shockproof and drop resistance
  • Light-weighted and not bulky
  • The remarkable effect of anti-slip and comfortable-in-hand
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Quality assurance: Wear-resistant, Scratch-resistant, Anti-yellow, Accurate charging port
  • Heavy Duty Protection, Wireless Charging Compatible
  • Environmentally friendly: No pollution plastic, eco-friendly, officially qualified as Climate Pledge Friendly on Amazon.
  • One of the top iPhone clear cases above the same category on Amazon, Amazon’s choice

2. [3 in 1] Protection Pack for iPhone 14 Pro Max – Case-Mate

The Case-Mate iPhone 14 case provides you with the best 360° protection, 15 feet of drop protection, glass screen protection, and fully functional camera lens protection.

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It comes with the option to add a magnetic ring as well. The following are its key features:

  • 360° Full 3-in-1 protection
  • Ultimate accessory pack
  • Multiple Shockproof Layers
  • Included screen and lens protector with 9H tempered glass
  • MagSafe compatible case available
  • Shock absorption bumpers and enhanced grip

3. iPhone 14 Pro Max Evo Lite – Tech 21 

This iPhone 14 Pro Max case from Tech 21 gives you 8 feet of certified drop protection for your phone with a super non-slip grip and no-yellow TP plastic.

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Following are some of the outstanding key features:

  • Beautiful transparent anti-yellow backing
  • Smooth non-slip grip and shock absorption, and easy holding
  • Raised level for enhanced camera protection
  • Enhanced recycling friendly with environmentally friendly additives allow it to disintegrate much soon than other plastics

4. Symmetry Series iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases – OtterBox 

This fantastic iPhone 14 Pro Max case comes with MagSafe and antimicrobial material to enhance the look and feel of your phone. Military-grade drop protection provides you with 8x the drops of other competitors.

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Following are some of its salient features:

  • Clear case with MagSafe compatibility
  • Ultra-sleek and stylish design for better iPhone camera protection
  • Solids, clear, & graphics options are available
  • Untextured sides of the case for smoother operation

5. iPhone 14 Pro Max Ranger Series Clear Case – Pelican

Pelican brings its anti-scratch, military-grade drop protection in its latest iPhone Ranger Series cases. The case gives excellent looks, protection, and functionality for the best price that others cannot match. 

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Following are some unique features of this case series.

  • Anti-yellow and scratch protection keeps the case newer for much longer
  • 15ft drop protection that is the best military-grade protection
  • Certified recyclable material reducing greenhouse gases

6. Gemshell Grip Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max – Speck

This crystal clear antimicrobial from Speck is a stylish clear Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max with raised ridges, giving you a firm grip no matter how you hold it. You’ll have peace of mind that you now have drop protection.

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Read below for the same basic features of this case.

  • Drop protection for 8 feet
  • Optimal durability of the case due to raised edges with the best no-slip grip
  • UV protection for exceptional clarity

7. iPhone 14 Pro Max Case – PopSockets

Wireless charging compatible clear Case from PopSockets for iPhone 13 Pro Max is a sleek design case with sliding grips that allow using one-handed function. Plant-based material and Climate Pledge Friendly enhance the carbon neutrality of this phone.

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Let’s look at what features it supports:

  • The kickstand on the go support
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Plant-based environmentally friend build with slim design and 10 ft drop protection
  • Supports all other products from PopSockets

8. Waterproof Clear Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max – Ghostek NAUTICAL

The Ghost Nautical iPhone 14 Pro Max is not just waterproof but a rugged entire body shell designed case that is designed for the new year. A must for photographers who love diving underwater to take stunning images of underwater beauty.

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What makes this case so great is because of the following reasons:

  • MagSafe compatibility
  • Designed for no Face Id issues
  • Heavy-duty shock and drop protection with inbuilt protective glass
  • 12 ft tested drop protection and 360° complete body protection
  • Fully available in glossy back

9. GripMunk Compatible iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case – Smartish

This Smartish iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case comes with microfiber lining giving an excellent soft grip and protection to your expensive iPhone.
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The following are its best features.

  • The texture is super grippy
  • All the corners are air pocket designed
  • It gives protection to the camera and screen due to raised edges
  • The beautiful casing is compatible with MagSafe chargers and accessories
  • Durable construction but ultra-lightweight softer and lighter for your hands

10 Ultra-Hybrid iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case – Spigen

Durable TPU bumpers and PC back are hybrid about this fantastic crystal transparent Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max. You can rest assured that this material combination will protect your phone often from falls and no issues. 

Let’s see some more features of this case:

  • Ultra-hybrid technology that keeps it original as iPhone themselves
  • Crystal straightforward design and protection with air cushion inbuilt
  • MagSafe charging supported right from the box
  • Raised bezels at the just right places make them super protective
  • Environmentally friendly practices and material

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