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1 dead, 10 injured as storm pummels southern Dutch city

One person was killed and about 10 injured Monday when a powerful storm swept through a historic fishing village in the southern Netherlands, tearing the roofs of at least four houses and sending cafe furniture flying through the streets. A video posted on social media showed a waterspout near the city.

“Unfortunately, there is one death to be regretted as a result of the whirlwind,” said Veilig Zeeland, the organization that coordinates relief efforts in the region, in a statement. “In addition, the initial assessment is about 10 injured.”

The organization urged people to stay out of the area when the cleanup began in the city of just over 10,000 people, about 140 kilometers (87 miles) southwest of Amsterdam.

“In addition to flying roof tiles and fallen trees, the roofs of four houses have been blown,” according to the organization.

A storm front moved from the south to the north of the Netherlands on Monday and poured heavy rain on parts of the country.

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