& # 039; It’s a very good joke & # 039; The star of Mr Bean Rowan Atkinson defends Boris in a row of burka

<pre><pre>& # 039; It's a very good joke & # 039; The star of Mr Bean Rowan Atkinson defends Boris in a row of burka


Bean and Blackadder star, Rowan Atkinson, 63, have defended the former foreign minister when facing an investigation for his controversial comments.

Former London Mayor Boris, 54, said in his Daily Telegraph column that Muslim women who wear a burka “look like mailboxes,” and compare them to “bank robbers.”

The burka covers the entire body and face of a woman, leaving only the eyes visible.

Boris was referring to plans to introduce a burka ban in Denmark when he made the statements, which have provoked anger in some sectors.

But Atkinson, in a letter to The Times, said the MP of Uxbridge and South Ruislip had just made a joke.

He wrote: “As a lifelong beneficiary of the freedom to make jokes about religion, I think Boris Johnson’s joke about users of the burka that resembles mailboxes is pretty good.”

He added: “All jokes about religion cause offense, so it is useless to apologize for them.

“Actually, you should only apologize for a bad joke, on that basis, no apology is required.”

“Boris Johnson’s joke about burka users that resemble mailboxes is pretty good”

Rowan Atkinson

Johnson faces a research panel after dozens of complaints that his comments violated the code of conduct of the Conservative Party.

While companion Tory MPs have asked Johnson to apologize.

Rowan Atkinson rose to household fame in the 1980s in the beloved sitcom Blackadder, where he played the same character in different periods of history.

He is famous throughout the world for playing Mr. Bean’s jester.

Daily Star Online recently reported how a fake publication claiming Rowan Atkinson is dead I was spreading a computer virus to thousands of Britons.